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  • Hi Stephen, my NAS is local to my cameras. I am still on a learning curve without much time to learn. Pretty much everything I do would be shot down on the forum as insecure. I do also have the same Synology NAS locally so maybe when I have time, I can learn on it. My remote cameras are 20 hours away so not a lot of time gets dedicated as there is always something else to do when we are there. One thing that I started using with limited success was a web power switch. Web Power Switch! - 15 Day Free Trial! - Ships Overnight - From $149! You can set it up to ping an external IP address and power down and back up individual receptacles. Whatever is plugged into that outlet would get rebooted. You would have to seek out something with UK plugs. Good Luck and read and search the forums. Please do not get discouraged when you get preached to!
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