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    Should I upgrade my PC?

    From what I've gathered, the performance gains from 3rd to 7th generation were incremental, i.e. somewhat small steps, and the power consumption improved with every generation. At generation 8, there was a nice performance jump. No expert status, just summarizing what I've read.
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    Andy, thanks for making this available. A couple of quick observations: 1) Smart IR is gone (or is Auto just a new name for Smart IR?) 2) IVS events still don't go into the camera's log
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    Illuminator questions

    With POE, each side of the DC supply is sent over 2 conductors. About the equivalent of single-conductor 20 gauge for DC purposes.
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    Illuminator questions

    I'm running a few different illuminators, not enough to be an expert on them. Based on my experience, the specs for angle of coverage are balony, and they all have center hotspots, some more than others. Whatever total wattage you decide on, I suggest you get 2 illuminators, each for half the...
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    Important!!IVS failed and Triangle warnning issue Solutions for 4MP AI models

    AFAIK, V2.800.0000000.10.R is still the latest, although as mentioned there's a new one being tested
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    Best Dahua camera for night vision?

    I accidentally found another positive use for the motion floods. Sometimes an animal will walk through undetected by IVS, but trigger a motion light inside the camera's field of view. Using a very small motion detection area, the light turning on triggers a motion alert. The light is not near...
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    AI 4.0 latest new firmware General_IPC-HX4XXX-Volt_Eng_NP_Stream3_V2.800.0000000.1.R.190706.bin

    Did you lose IVS with version V2.800.0000000.1.R? I have IVS problems with the T5442M-AS, and this is the version that has the best IVS detection, for me. The latest available version is V2.800.0000000.10.R, and I'd think that's the one you'd want to try first. I'm currently using...
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    One HDW5442TM-AS cannot run playback from NAS - others are working

    Is IVS working with version V2.800.0000000.0.R on the other 2 cameras? My bad 5442 experience is that my IVS doesn't work very well while others report that it works great. I'm wondering if some of these 5442s are just plain faulty? Here's my version vs. IVS experience: version 10.R (where I...
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    One HDW5442TM-AS cannot run playback from NAS - others are working

    I'm thinking that the only way you'll find the answer is to experiment with the firmware versions. I have a different problem with my IPC-HDW5442TM-AS and have been freely changing between the V2.800.0000000.1.R , .8.R and .10.R versions. I can't answer if you can downgrade to .0.R because I...
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    Can't change IP in New dahua 5208 NVR 4.0

    Funkybunch - You mentioned thinking about going to BI, so I want to throw some observations out to you. I have a new camera where IVS doesn't work well so I figured this was a good time to check out BI, which has the potential to make the IVS not working a moot point. If you're seriously...
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    Can't change IP in New dahua 5208 NVR 4.0

    There's so much covered in this thread that I'm not positive I'm interpreting everything correctly, so apologies if I'm barking up the wrong tree. 1. You say the NVR address is showing How do you know that? I'm assuming from a monitor connected to the NVR. 2. In an earlier post...
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    Upgrading existing coax system

    The /U has nothing to do with underground use. It's a statement that it meets current government specs. (R=Radio Frequency, G=Government, U=Universal Specification)
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    I have not tried this yet. I have a roll of butyl tape that's used to seal RV windows. To my untrained eye it looks pretty much like the same thing as coax seal except for being gray, and costs a whole lot less. I see also that Home Depot carries rolls of butyl tape for sealing metal roofs.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    I'm having a hard time believing any of these news reports. For instance, an AP story mentions about an Oregon couple: "The Oregon couple is among the 380 Americans aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship" And a bit further down: "Despite spending several days this week under close supervision...