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    LTS (Hikvision) NVR beeping won't stop

    Would you mind giving some more detail? 1: make and model of failed drive? 2: was this the only drive in the unit, or multiples? 3: if multiples, is hard drive sleeping enabled? I’m just curious to know
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    New firmware for AU NVR (DS-7608NI-I2/8P)

    Like I mentioned earlier, clear your browser cache
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    New firmware for AU NVR (DS-7608NI-I2/8P)

    Not sure what you mean by “what I’m looking at”… it’s on the global site, says it’s .006 and after I installed it, my NVR reports it as .006 I never had .005 I’m coming from 4.50 I like the web interface changes. It looks more like the local interface.
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    No motion/event markers on playback

    Yes... if you enable line crossing... and you mention "no NVR" does this mean you are recording to an internal SD card?
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    How do the NVR's work with two hard drives?

    Yes, it extends your storage capacity. Another huge benefit to using more than one drive, is the feature that lets the drives sleep! Meaning any drives that are not being written to will stop spinning. This greatly increases drive life.
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    New firmware for AU NVR (DS-7608NI-I2/8P)

    V4.51.005 has now been replaced with .006 also, if anyone runs into the issue of not being able to log in via web browser after update, refresh your browser cache.
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    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P firmware v4.50.000 build 210125 can't add more than one camera to a single port

    are you assigning an IP address to the cameras and then "manually" adding them in the NVR?
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    Conflict with two Cameras connected to Hikvison NVR POE ports.

    have you tried assigning IP's to the cameras and changing the camera setup in NVR to manual? I do this with all my installs. I've also never had an issue with multiple cameras in one port!
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    Help me please! Chinese NVR Hikvision DS-7832N-K2 Mobile Viewing Concern

    So try searching for it by serial number on the hik-connect server. If you find it then it is online.
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    Help me please! Chinese NVR Hikvision DS-7832N-K2 Mobile Viewing Concern

    Are you enabling “platform access”? If so, does it say it’s “online”?
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    Hikvision FTP Site Username & Password

    the ftp site seems to only have firmware for their generic products, not hik branded
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    Image cycles from clear to blurry about every two seconds. DS-2CD2041G1

    Yes, you are the “original poster” OP is a common way to address you in a web forum when a thread is full of responders. That way there’s no confusion about who I’m addressing. The reason I ask about the NVR is the fact that you said your issue occurs when motion is enabled, and when motion is...
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    DS-7716NXI-I4/16P/4S stuck in NVR 3.0?

    The firmware GUI is when accessing the NVR locally, and NOT web browser based
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    Abnormal Shutdown Help

    Try changing the video quality to high and see if it remains stable. That’s the setting that would bug me the most of the 3 you listed. Also, my supplier insists on always performing a factory reset after a FW upgrade. You could try that as well