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    Introducing GoSwift Security - $99 4K Bullet Camera

    Curious as this has been out for a bit, what is the latest firmware for the camera?
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    New Sony starvis 1/1.2" sensor 4k sensor

    Just noticed on the CCTV sensor site the imx485lqj. Same pixle size as the imx327. A 4k with the same night power of the 2mp starvis, yes please. Products Image Sensor for Security & Surveillance | Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
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    Looking for feedback : Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU (Colorvu) or Hikvision Darkfighter DS-2CD2345FWD-I

    Just saw nellys now has the colorvu cameras. Ultra Low Light Performance IP Security Cameras
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    Light as a deterrent

    I have the Litom and some other versions of these lights, they work way better than I thought they would when I first got them. Now Im addicted. Have 2 of the 102led versions over the driveway, a 54led on each gate, 3 down one side yard, 5 of the smaller warm white ones around the back yard...
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    Light as a deterrent

    My oldest ones are about 4 years old and still work like the day I put them up. The housings on mine don't seem to fragile but im in socal so Winters arent to hard on things. I also only run them as motion not dim then bright on motion so I don't drain the batteries down each night.
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    Light as a deterrent

    The extra nice part about the solar pir lights is they work when the power goes out.
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    Claim: Jaywalk in China + Facial recognition = Fine to WeChat 20 sec later

    John Spartan You Are Fined 1 Credit For A Violation Of The Verbal Morality Statute
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    Light as a deterrent

    I have 360* pir motion lighting around my house, some high lumen 120v led and a ton of solar litom type ones including at the bottom of my driveway
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    IPC vs Dahua Cameras

    Current IPcamtalk cameras and NVRs are Hikvision.
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    Reolink or Amcrest

    Andy sells on amazon too if trying to avoid aliexpress EmpireTech-Andy @
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    you have hardware decode support but I wonder if its being used. I found this info from 2017 so may no longer be valid but " Browser Video: Codecs, Formats & Hardware Acceleration MP4 containers with H.265 video (HEVC), on the other hand, are only supported in Edge and Internet Explorer, and...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    is the live view jerky or just the recording, what are you viewing on and what is the settings of the IPC-HFW1831E
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    Whats funny for me is, given the option Id take 4k documentary quality any day of the week.
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    Asking for camera recommondations

    The 5442TM 4m starlight+ are out now, reviews are currently underway on this board, if you add up all the talk done thus far, it trades blows with the 2mp starlight depending on situation and a firmware revision or 2 away from being the clear winner.
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    looney2ns, out of curiosity, why no h265?