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Hikvision, NVR's DS-7832 DS-7608 DS-7108n/sn/p IV


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    1. Danny LIm
      Danny LIm
      Need some help here. My Hikvision DS-7608N-E2 8P has gone into 15 beeps and then reboot itself after firmware upgrade. I can ping both and but I'm not able to see NVR taking the file. Is there a special cable to connect to the board, like a usb to pin? If so, you what type of cable is that? Thanks.
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    2. soccerob
      I'm never able to log in to the camera through browser, I can ping the cam and I can telnet into it (not sure what to do once i'm in though).

      I haven't modified any of the files directly on the camera. using iVMS 4200 I can modify the camera's IP address, which works and I can ping and telnet at the new IP, but nothing else. Then after I reboot the cam, it reverts back to -- any ideas?
    3. soccerob
      I have the DS-2CD2032 with a firmare sticker of 5.3.0
      tried the tftp updater, the only one that ever shows "system update completed" is the "5.30 downgrader 4 lines" file that I believe you created.
    4. dennis kinyua
      dennis kinyua
      hello guys can you help me get an English firmware of
    5. wajahatmp
    6. pepe2u4u
      I have bought several DS-2CD1201D-I3 from China. I have spent hours of reading but i just need a straight help from a specialist.
      I am willing also to pay for helping me. I just want to change their language in English.
      It does not mind me if the day of the week will be still in Chinese.
      I justa want a fast tutorial.
      The problem is that the firmware is really new:
      [TABLE="class: deviceinfotable"]
      [TD="class: deviceinfotd"]DS-2CD1201D-I3[/TD]
      [TD="class: rowheader deviceinfotd"]设备序列号[/TD]
      [TD="class: deviceinfotd"]DS-2CD1201D-I320160221AACH575899750[/TD]
      [TD="class: rowheader deviceinfotd"]主控版本[/TD]
      [TD="class: deviceinfotd"]V5.3.7 build 160121[/TD]
      [TD="class: rowheader deviceinfotd"]编码版本[/TD]
      [TD="class: deviceinfotd"]V7.1 build 151125

      Many Thanks![/TD]
    7. domkus.d
      Hello, can you help me regarding: [h=2]Hikvision DS-2CD27324-IS v5.3.0_150513 after firmware update not working[/h]
    8. tony2016
      Hi, Darren, can we change 2CD4232FWD via your solution?:)
    9. dgonzalezO4
      Hi Darren

      Great job on the video tutorial on the mtd hack made easy vid. I have a ds-7616N-E2/8P NVR V3.0.10, build 141126 and want to upgrade the firmware to 3.3.4. Can i just put the firmware on a usb stick straight to the nvr?? Any issues?
    10. Stevejn
      Hi Darren - if you buy Hikvision products on the grey market please be aware it will not be supported by the U.K. Team under warranty and you cannot engage with tech support
    11. 4Qman
    12. mad21mad
      I have 8 hik turret cams that need the firmware fixed due to rebooting would you be willing to remote in and fix for a fee
    13. whoslooking
      It will depend on whether the NVR was hacked, or has regionally changed firmware or an old firmware like 3.08 which allows both regions at the same time.

      But the short answer is yes, they can all work together.
    14. vegas
      You seem to be very knowledgable in this area. I bought a 7716n-e4/16p NVR multilingual. Then I bought 8 hikvision multi language cameras and then 4 English hikvision cameras. I know the cameras that are multi language are Chinese versions with hacked firmware most likely, but will all 12 of these cams work on that NVR? I believe the NVR is Chinese region too so I'm hoping that helps with using those cams but then I'm worried about th English cams.
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    Hikvision, NVR's DS-7832 DS-7608 DS-7108n/sn/p IV
    Security / IT Engineer for the last 28 years, CCTV / Access Control Systems Designed and Installed.

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    5.3.0 to 5.2.5 Downgrader for CH Camera's https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hy72q4osstun72/5.30 Downgrader.rar?dl=0