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    Storm today.

    Storm we got today. Lots of hail. Thanks to the battery backup cameras were on for about 45 mins after power went out. but lost my poe switch at the the end.
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    mine has been installed for almost a year. No issues at all with it.
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    Sentry User Feedback

    I seem to have been confused a bit. During the day I am unable to hear notifications at times (phone in pocket Bluetooth headset connected but not in my ear) so I tend to rely on the actual notification counter for the app instead of going through the push alerts I get. So the actual alerts...
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    Sentry User Feedback

    I agree and that was the way i had it through the demo period. Once i decided to go ahead and pay for it, I followed the directions (even though it seemed counter intuitive to me) to set it up. I guess my main confusion is it seems like on the phone app that blue iris doesn't care what sentry...
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    Sentry User Feedback

    Sentry is processing my images so that part is working correctly. I see multiple messages from sentry in my logs . alert cancelled and how many images they processed each day. Are there still kinks between sentry and blue iris ( phone app specifically) that they are still ironing out? 500 and...
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    Sentry User Feedback

    So after the test run . I decided to go ahead pay for a year. After following the set up instructions and removing the zone and such as the set up instructs. I do generally this time of year get a lot of notifications due to trees and shadows. But it is a lot worse now than before with the...
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    Blue Iris Version 5 is right around the corner!

    Blue Iris Support
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4239R-ASE full color camera

    I wonder if they have a varifocal in the works. My driveway used to be a bit darker and they recently replaced the street light across the street and with my bright led drive way lights the street light and my neighbors lights . My area is pretty lit up. So although i do have a starlight turret...
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    nope all are set to cbr
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    anyone else notice that this camera has alot higher data transfer/storage than other cameras? i have them all set 15fps h265 and my other starlight cameras for example 17hr period anywhere between 3 to 5 gigs .. these are 15gigs.
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    not sure why that is for you. i did no configurations and got both. Just got it yesterday and put it up about an hour ago
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    are you using an NVR or blueiris?
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    Dahua Starlight Varifocal Turret (IPC-HDW5231R-Z)

    Dahua has cheaper fixed lense products. Why go with an hikvision? for example Dahua Starlight Fixed Lens Turret (IPC-HDW4231EM-AS)
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    Seeing double - New Dahua dual Starlight IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M/M12

    Did he say he had them in stock? I put down a deposit about a month ago.
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    IPC-HFW4239T-ASE TrueColor - new bullet camera.

    yeah that is why i was asking what the lighting was in the area. With the current starlights i have enough light to keep them forced into color. So something like this would be even better in my environment.