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    Sonic Weapon tech to keep the neighborhood kids away?

    Not cheap....1K Plu$ and there's a switch that that makes it where it affects everyone. Mosquito Device Anti Loitering
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    Sonic Weapon tech to keep the neighborhood kids away?

    Philadelphia Is Using A SONIC WEAPON To Keep Kids Away From Parks! :wow:
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    Woman crawling on all 4's to steal cactus.

    Bizarre moment a woman crawls on all fours into a front yard of a home to steal cactus | Daily Mail Online
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    Susupect checking mailbox at night.

    This could be video of same perp just down the street. Karma...
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    Ready for Version 5?

    In hopes of helping others... MyCommerce/Digital River (DR has done $30 billion in online transactions) website has no option on their to cancel auto renew for extended support (I hope to be moved into my 04' Sprinter within a year and will setup dvr with dash cams.) The only option available...
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    POE network switch question

    Thanks much, found one for 40.00 and will not be using any PTZ. Looks like eBay may be my best bet to find something better.
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    POE network switch question

    Hi, would this be sufficient (pro's/con's) for a POE cams setup? Thanks much
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    Trespassing, destruction of property and attempted theft

    Looks like he was hoping to steal the rims/tires and even backed in to load them. As mentioned a gate, dog (hungry Malinois on property) and driveway alert are worthy investments. Harbor Freight also sells a decent driveway alert system and only $9.00 on sale and YT videos show people hacking...
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    Motion in one camera triggers another?

    R Click cam image>Camera Properties>Trigger>Check Trigger Camera Groups> Select and you are good to go.
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    Words are honestly unable to express my gratitude enough! Vettester is a world class human who...

    Words are honestly unable to express my gratitude enough! Vettester is a world class human who went above and beyond to assist a fellow human. May awesome karma all-ways come your way my friend! =) Thanks again, this means so much to me and if you ever need ANYTHING please ask.
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    LaView LV-N9508Q8E is HIK ??

    Thanks, please let us know if you do so and the outcome.
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    SALE - 3TB Western Digital Surveillance Grade Hard Drive $72.19

    Picked up one of these and wanted to share it with others as it's the lowest price I've ever seen on this drive. Save additional 5% when you subscribe to newsletter and use code 300555 at checkout Free FedEx shipping *Ends 1/8 LaView Surveillance Grade Hard Drive Western Digital
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    Why Flash Hikvision Firmware Over My LaView Equipment

    Signal was cutting out at times due to rubish factory laview wires.
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    Help - Laview camera not recognized in Laview NVR

    Have you tried unplugging the new fan? There's a remote chance it is incompatible. I also run LaView and replaced the factory cables with Cat6... this has helped my setup a lot.
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    LaView LV-N9508Q8E is HIK ??

    fwiw LaView recently updated their nvr firmware. When asking them the differences it was sound of crickets and a warning that if I do choose to upgrade and if anything goes wrong and bricks the system that they will not repair it. :/ It'd be nice also to hear from someone who upgraded to see if...