1. M

    IPC-HDW2531TM-AS 5MP "Lite" 1/2.7" Starlight - any good?

    Anybody seen/used these - seem to be new for 2019/20? From the "Lite" starlight range. How do they compare with the 2431 4MP or the older 2MP starlight? Presumably they are at least somewhat better than the Chinese market HDW4431C-A, HDW4433C-A or HDW4631C-A with their 1/3" and 1/2.9" sensors...
  2. T

    Is There An App For ChromeBook Available To Use For Any IP Camera?

    Hey guys and girls. As the title says, Is There An App For ChromeBook Available To Use For Any IP Camera? I have a "Reolink PoE IP Camera 5MP Super HD Home Security Camera" I want to use with the CB laptop. Here's an Amazon link to the the product. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07C75C47B/
  3. SvnTwoo

    Dahua N52B2P 8-Channel 4K UHD ePoE NVR and mini dome cams 4k/5mp

    Just wrapped up installing my new Dahua POE setup consisting of two 5mp mini dome cams (N51BL22), a 4k mini dome cam (N84CL52) and an N52B2P NVR. Had to pull my Cat5e to from camera locations to the basement where the NVR would be located, added the wall mount and cleaned up related items...
  4. 58chev

    New from Etobi

    Hi folks, Just ordered some Hikvision hardware and waiting for some of it to arrive. Been playing with the NVR over the weekend and setting up the two cameras that came in. Couple more on their way.
  5. djkprojects

    Is Hikvision DS 2CD2155FWD an EXIR Camera?

    Hello, I'm thinking of getting the Hikvision DS 2CD2155FWD Dome camera however I'm confused as to whether it is an EXIR or not. When I look at US Hikvision site it clearly mentions EXIR but the UK site has no mention of that despite being same number. Are they different models? Also, where is...