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  1. Mad Martian

    Best motion settings for capturing rodent activity?

    I am trying to capture rodent activity on one of my cameras connected to Blue Iris, but so far it is not working. I have "use zones and hotspots" checked and the area properly selected. I have "min object size" set at the smallest (100) and "min contrast" set at 20. I likely need to take...
  2. Mad Martian

    Wifi Trail or Wildlife Cameras that work with Blue Iris?

    Anyone know of Trail or Wildlife cameras that can be used via wifi with Blue Iris? I need a wifi trail camera but intend to use it in my backyard, within range of my home wifi. There are a lot of wifi trail cameras that claim to be wifi, but it is not clear from the marketing if that means it...
  3. B

    Ezviz PTZ Blue iris

    Hello all, I was just checking a interior camera, not very big, like the metal ones I usually install for exteriors of Dahua/Hikvision, and just found the Ezviz C6 that might be what I am searching for. However, I do not see anywhere, that says that camera is compatible with onvif, and wanted...
  4. B

    Scheduling for day/night motion sensor sensitivity

    Hello all, I was wondering how could I setup my BI device, so that my profile can change from day to night, and viceversa, so that I can ajust the move sensor sensitivity, but without affecting the alerts config that I might have present at the time of the change. Example: I get back home, and...
  5. I

    Trigger Home Assistant automation when Blue Iris detects no signal from camera?

    Is there any way that Blue Iris can trigger a Home Assistant automation when it detects that no signal is being received from a camera? I have most of my cameras plugged into smart sockets, and would like to perform a power cycle whenever any of them goes offline. I'm running Blue Iris v5 and...
  6. W

    Blue Iris - Installation / Technician In Los Angeles

    Hi all! Apologies if this isn't the right thread. Seemed like the best spot. We are based in Los Angeles, CA. We have a Blue Iris system on a Dell PC with 8 or so cameras. Looking for a local vendor / technician that can come in and help clean up our system. Help with settings and adding...
  7. K

    Fisheye cameras for Blue Iris

    Can anyone help with info on PoE fisheye cameras for use with Blue Iris 5? I'm trying to achieve maximum coverage of the interior and perimeter of a small (1,000 sqft) house on a 12,000 sqft lot. I'm hoping to keep the cost below $1-2k total for 2 interior and 2 exterior cameras, if possible. I...
  8. M

    BI for Baby Monitor

    I have been using a Kodak Baby Monitor that has a dedicated parent unit. Since then, we've installed several hard-wired EmpireTech cameras (mostly 5442-equivalents, thanks @EMPIRETECANDY !) around the house, including the baby's rooms. I'd like to use BI on an iPad to replace the Kodak monitor...
  9. conner05

    Camera System/NVR Setup Recommendations

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this space and have been trying to do a lot of research to inform myself of the options for a camera system for my home. My wife and I moved into a new home about 2 years ago and now we're looking to get a camera system setup for in and outside of our home. After...
  10. svenarndt

    Blue iris telegram bot setup

    Hi all new to this and followed the instructions at: and everything appears to be setup correctly. got the images loading into the folder asit should, but when I run the script, nothing comes through to...
  11. sydnew

    Intel Pentium G6400 for Blue Iris?

    Hi All! I ve been using Blue Iris for 4 years with my old (7yrs) i3-4130 based desktop. I m using 16 IP camera (4 4mp + 12 2mp) which give me at least 20-25% load. Also I m using this pc for browsing and other light activities. This pc now gives me at least once a week random shutdown and its...
  12. D

    Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-LU BI config

    Guys can you share the config of your cameras? Mine just arrive and during night I only get 12.5 fps and a keyframe of 0.25, just upgrade for the last firmware and still can't get a consistent fps and keyframe. I also can't see the sub-stream option only default. Thanks
  13. D

    Dogs and identified has persons

    I'm new to Blue Iris and Deepstack, also use the latest versions and the dogs and other pets are identified has persons, anyone know how to fix this, I try several configurations and seems that with edge vector I have more false alarms. Before dogs were detected has cats.
  14. D

    Delphinus new member

    I'm Delphinus I mounted a Blue Iris server and want to expand my system with more and better cameras, after testing a reolink I conclude they are not safe and need the knowledge of the community to help me found cameras.
  15. T

    Recommended mini pc to run 14 cameras

    Hello, What is the recommended resources required to run BI's latest version for 14 cameras with AI on 5 of them? Is there any particular Mini PC/NUC suggested for the above scenario? Thank you.
  16. T

    BI vs Dahua NVR

    Hello, What are the benefits of using BI vs. a Dahua (or other) NVR when having cameras from the NVR's vendor? Thank you.
  17. O

    Alert not being sent by trigger from command sent via web server

    Via the Web server, I send the command /admin?camera=NW&trigger=1 to trigger a camera with the short name NW. The camera gets triggered but no alert is sent. It's not Audio nor Group so I don't check those. I have the other three checked DIO, ONVIF, and Extern. If the trigger is motion, an...
  18. kjelle392

    Reolink Lumus & Blue Iris

    Hello Got 2 new cameras yesterday, but having a big struggle getting them to work with Blue Iris. I just can't get any signals from them i BI - but in the Reolink-app they work fine. Can anyone help me?
  19. 6

    Is this the most logical server to build?

    Background information: I am planning on making a server that is rack mountable which will run Blue Iris on a Windows Server. At first I tried literally EVERYTHING to get all the things I needed to run on one system to save on energy but I believe splitting up the servers is for the best. I had...
  20. R

    Add non-camera rtsp audio source

    I have created an rtsp stream from a powered mic I have attached to a linux system. It is essentially a non-camera rtsp audio source (no video). I want to add it to Blue Iris as an audio source. When I add the rtsp url to Blue Iris, I get "No Signal, RTSP Bad 400 Request". And no audio, even...
  21. K

    On Guard Version 3.0 Release

    On Guard Version 3.0 works with almost any IP/network camera and adds artificial intelligence designed to identify security related pictures. More specifically, it uses DeepStack as an AI to intelligently identify objects in still (.jpg) pictures. It allows the user to monitor as many cameras as...
  22. bojanpotocnik

    Blue Iris video settings - Dahua camera models explained

    Hello everyone! I just got multiple IPC-B5442E-ZE cameras and for some of them, I would like to enable two-way audio. I have setup everything related to audio on cameras via their web interface and general settings in Blue Iris. Pressing Find/Inspect in Blue Iris always selects Generic/ONVIF...
  23. C

    Cameras through windows. Temporary Ghetto Rental install.

    Noob here about to move to a ghetto rental downtown. I can see Tweakers in the park next to the house from my dinning room window 50ft away over the fence. Luckily I have a long driveway and I am behind another house. Is setting up a blue iris system and getting 1-2 of the nice popular outdoor...
  24. CCTVCam

    Blue Iris PC Build

    As promised this is my PC Build Thread. I'll divide into sections so if you want to you can skip parts that don't interest you (hopefully it all does!). It's not intended as a definitive "this is the pc you need / must build". It represents my choices based on what I perceived to be the best...
  25. H

    Dahua (Andy) and Blue Iris(Deepstack)

    Hi All, do not know if its the right place or if it should be in the Dahua section, but here it goes :) I just bought 6 IPC-HDW5442TM-AS (Andy version) and added them to my Blue Iris system, so fare a happy owner of both the cams but also the software :D By question is, I have been reading a lot...
  26. E

    Upgrade suggestion for my network

    I've been using this webcam configuration below for several years now. There are four camera shown at the bottom of this diagram. It took me some time to get the "Shop cam" working reliably but this network is basically "ok" at this point. I am somewhere between a beginner and intermediate as...
  27. E

    Disconnection issues, firmware update?

    I have a few HikVision DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 cameras with different OEM branding so the models show up as: DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 but also DT2A404 and HNP104-IR/4X. How do I update their firmware? I've tried downloading the latest 5.7.1 firmware but get a firmware mismatch error when trying to upgrade...
  28. U

    Blue Iris constantly using Deepstack

    Hi, Pulling my hair out here and hoping someone can help :) I have Blue Iris running on a desktop PC linked to a remote (same LAN) Deepstack instance. I have configured Blue Iris to send motion alerts to Deepstack but when I check the Deepstack logs there is a constant flow of data coming from...
  29. D

    Need help with motion trigger / alert settings... I don't know if this can be done

    Hi Everyone... long time listener, first time caller. I have Blue Iris / DeepStack setup currently with four cameras - 3 of them are Lorex E892AB and the fourth is a Dahua IPC-HDW2831TM-AS-S2. Main Streams for all four are 4k/15 and substreams are 704x480/15 with I-frame intervals of 15. They...
  30. camerafool

    Editing with Davinci Resolve : Audio missing at ends of clips

    I export entire direct to disk clips from Blue Iris v5.3.1.5 without re encoding. Trying to edit them with Blackmagic Davinci Resolve v17.3.1 and find audio at end of some clips is truncated. The amount of truncation varies. On one 10 minute clip a minute of audio is missing, on another just...