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  1. R


    I have several Hikvision cameras including a DS-2CD3145F which has a video resolution of 2560x1440. No matter what settings I use the bit rate never seems to go over 1Mbits. That is even when I set it to Main Stream, 2560x1440, constant bit rate @ 8192kbps, H.264. Main Profile and I Frame...
  2. Matt L.

    Limiting space per drive, not per-folder basis

    Gripe warning: I dont understand why BI has option to limit space allocated on a per-folder basis. That isn't the reality for folders storing video, which is dynamic. Folders do not have space constraints in normal PC situations, the drives do. I'd be limiting my space if I limited say folders...
  3. I

    Multi-channel Analog to IP video encoder that plays nice with BI?

    Hello - In the process of installing a bunch of new Hikvision IP cameras that are recording back to a dedicated Blue Iris "server". The only problem is that I also have to replace eight (8) analog Bosch LTC 0455/21 cameras with IP cameras and unfortunately that means having the time to pull...
  4. G


    Hello. First timer here. I have enjoyed reading many links here. Very informative and helpful group. I'm hoping I can get some advice on what to do with a set of Lorex cameras we have and the NVR has died. Is this a situation in which we can use Blue Iris with our Windows computer? And if...
  5. Thepretender

    Blue Iris Server Build

    Thought I'd post this up here for anyone who may be interested in building a new purpose built PC / Server for their Blue Iris Setup. I'm currently working on a project for a friend who has asked me to install a full system at his house, leaving pretty much everything up to me and a reasonable...
  6. BlokehMan

    Need to cover 300sqm of area. Planning to go 16 channel analog + DVR hooked to BlueIris

    Hi, Good day to you all. I'm presented with a financial problem. I need to cover 300 sqm of area with night vision and I cannot afford that many IP cameras. I already have 4 IP cameras running but the area I have to cover now is just too much. Every square meter has to be covered. I was...
  7. saltwater

    BI and camera selections

    I am considering a Blue Iris solution for my new home when it's built. I haven't used any CCTV systems before. I know you can get purpose-built NVR's that have their brand of cameras. From what I can gather, each camera can be connected to via its IP address and from there various...
  8. iseeker

    Could be good BI machine

    HP ProDesk 405 G4 (AMD Ryzen 5 2400GE, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, Wi-Fi, Vega 11, Win 10 Pro, 3-Year Onsite Warranty) $349.99 + Free Shipping @ Newegg Marketplace 12-09-2019 Not intel but HA not working for all anyways. HP Desktop Computer ProDesk 405 G4 6VC52UT#ABA Ryzen 5 2nd Gen 2400GE (3.20 GHz)...
  9. B

    Blue iris, why not virtualized?

    Hello guys, I have been sometime looking around the forums, posts about why virtualization is not recommended for blue iris, or any other CCTV system. But I want to ask about my point of view in this. Up to what I can see, virtualization is just not simply recommended because of not having the...
  10. B

    Blue Iris Install for 16 x 5 MP cameras

    Hello, I read the wiki and about 20 different posts by other users, but I am still looking for some ground truth. I am new to Blue Iris with no hands on knowledge except for what I've read. My setup: Covering about 10K sq ft building with 16 IP POE cameras (5 MP w/IR, motion sensing, but no...
  11. E

    I can use different software for my NVR?

    Looking on this forum, I see people talking about blue iris, other software,etc. I’m slightly confused....I have a lorex system and use the lorex software on my PC and iPhone to interact with my NVR. 1. Are we able to interact with our NVR via 3rd party software? I never knew this. 2. What...
  12. M

    Feedback on Potential Blue Iris Server

    I am not certain this is the best place to post a couple hardware questions, but since I am genuinely new, I figured this the safest place for when I come across as in idiot. From the hardware Blue Iris (BI) wiki and Newbie Starter Guide, I started looking on eBay at better CPUs until I found...
  13. M

    multiple blue iris installations

    So what I have to do is monitor the parking lot (1 or 2 cameras) at several small trailer parks we run. I have high speed internet at each park, with cat5 to each trailer. I have two options: 1. wire every IP camera to its local router and monitor everything from home with BI over the...
  14. R

    AI based alerts and Smartthings integration

    Hello members, I want to introduce my new mobile app that adds AI based object detection to your existing cameras. It's called aiwatch and available as an android app All processing runs locally on the device, so no cloud or privacy...
  15. C

    Looking for Local (SF Bay Area) Turnkey Support

    I've been installing Blue Iris systems, including the network hardware, for several years, and some users are looking for long term support for these systems to ensure they have someone to turn to if there are problems. Does anyone know of companies in the SF Bay Area that might do this? Thanks
  16. N

    App stopped connecting after Blue Iris Server Change.

    I have a bit of a funny one here. I've long had an android box (Minix) hooked up to a tv in my bedroom running the Blue Iris app. Yesterday I finally moved the server off my wife's pc as it was starting to bog her machine down (Windows 7 with an i7-3770). It is now on its own Windows 10 Pro...
  17. RabenFlug

    Hikvision Human detection trigger in Blue Iris

    Dear BI experts, I'm using BI now for some years with some Hikvision cameras and I'm very happy with it! The latest Hikvision cameras came with a KI feature to detect Humans (or cars), for example the feature is built in the DS-2CD2326G1-I. I would be very interested if I could use this camera...
  18. M

    Mobile Profile/Viewing Suggestions

    Hello, I was hoping I could get help troubleshooting my mobile viewing lag. Using an S10 and the blue iris app, live viewing typically has no issue on LAN or WAN, but viewing recordings is hit or miss. 80% of the time it works with less then 2 seconds delay. Other times though, it takes 5+...
  19. C

    Wanted: BI Paid Consultant/Advisor

    Hi I am new to IP security, but have read a lot and am experienced in IT and DIY, however do not have the time right now to do my own full setup. Thus, i am looking for someone to work with on a paid basis to assist and/or fully implement the design/setup/implementation of my BI configuration...
  20. Virtual D

    UBELL app & wired wifi doorbell cam BI configuration please anyone?

    Hi, I've had my door cam a good few months now. It has great image quality with colour at night, 2 way audio, tf card slot & optional power sources (usb, hard wired or rechargeable batteries mine us hard wired). Anyway I am trying to get this working with blue iris but don't have any stream...
  21. Tayschrenn

    I like things Virtual.

    No, seriously - I am a VMWare/Hyper-V Senior Engineer and love me some virtual systems. But, physical security at my home is a growing priority. I picked up some Blink cameras (5 pack) aaaand am shipping them back this week, most likely. Been looking around a lot, and I think this is the...
  22. peebee

    Ghosting only in recordings, not live

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what's going on here. This ghosting appears to be related to using Intel hardware acceleration. Here is an example: Changing to Intel + VPP doesn't make a difference. Disabling Intel hardware acceleration and the problem goes away. I have a...
  23. Buttan Butt

    Detect any kind of object using MAX Object Detector

    Hi there! I'd like to share with you that I've successfully set up a local web service API in my LAN that will detect all kind of objects in an image. It can recognizes the objects present in an image from 80 different high-level classes of objects in the COCO Dataset. You simply supply a...
  24. J

    Blue Iris Compatible setup for Dahua HW5442TM-AS-LED

    Just picked up a Dahua 5442 from EmpireAndy, and I'm using BI as my NVR. BI doesn't recognize the camera other than a generic ONVIF camera. Seems BI only has six models of Dahua. I have a bit of a video lag. Just wondering if there is a more compatible profile I could be using. So far the...
  25. TL1096r

    Dual NIC setup on your Blue Iris Machine

    In making your system more secure this is a great option to eliminate your cameras calling home / connecting to the internet This is a great place to start to setup a bit more secure network and learn more about IP/Subnets etc. before adding dual NICs: Router Security - Subnets and IP addresses...
  26. B

    Dahua PTZ Issues: Zoom works fine, won't pan/tilt at all

    Hi everybody! I'm new to this world but needed security cameras for my restaurant after a couple burglaries and finally bit the bullet. I got the following hardware and am in the process of testing it all before the cameras are mounted tomorrow: 2x Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 2MP Starlight (via...
  27. sygad1

    BI 5 was working remotely, now it isn't

    Hi All Is some service/server down? I can't connect on any of my mobile devices, pretty sure i've not changed anything on my end. Even when connected to my home wifi I can't connect from my phone. Any help/pointers?
  28. quantumbitflip

    BI5 No Images in Timeline

    Looking for some setting to enable motion detect events / thumbnail images to appear in timeline. Thanks in advance
  29. G

    Medium size trigger not working

    I am having problems getting BI to trigger. For example when a person walks past my mailbox. Cars and trucks work find. Attached is a snapshot of the motion sensor settings. I tried not using zones & hotspots, but that did not help. Normally this is set to avoid triggers from wind and trees. I...
  30. S

    Life of CPU if 24/7 recording with Blue Iris

    Hi, Had two questions : 1. What would an average life of CPU be if it operates 24/7 with motion detection with Blue Iris for let's say 4-8 cameras? 2. With a similar setup as above, how much electricity bill can I expect? Thanks!!