1. Samppd

    Dahua 45x zoom with RTMP questions

    Hi. I've been looking for a bird nest camera that would stream to youtube. I havent found a 45x zoom fixed camera for the use. Dahua Sd5a445xa seems to be a good option. Every second dahua dealer say that the Sd5a445xa has an rtmp option but dahua website says the model wont have rtmp option. So...
  2. 1

    Dahua NVR and Camera Setup - Best Practice

    Hey guys, So Noobie here, and with full disclosure, I bought a bunch of stuff and hooked it up figuring I'd learn as I go. Best practice for a guy like me lol. So I bought an NVR5216-16P-4Ks2E, and a fun combination of @EMPIRETECANDY cameras along with a couple of Amcrest amazon 4K on sale...
  3. G

    Got Dahua NVR and missing features on some Dahua Cams. Firmware Issue?

    Hey, This is my first post. I was using zone minder for years but recently gave up on it as it was just too awkward to use and maintain. I purchased a Dahua NVR NVR4108-8P-4KS2/L as all my cameras are Dahua. After connecting them up and going about setting them up things like trip wires I...
  4. P

    SMD Alarms not appearing in Log anymore

    I've got a bit of a odd problem with a Dahua DH-XVR5108H-4KL-I Recorder. We've got a reasonably big Setup with 6 HDCVI and 7 IPC-HFW3849T1-ZAS IP Cameras hooked up to the Recorder which were all installed by a Security company at my mothers place. The idea is that the IP cameras in the most...
  5. Jason Zhu

    Need help with dahua product IPC-WL46A

    I Just received a dahua product sample: IPC-WL46A and need some help about how to install it? Until now I have never seen a camera like this with only three unknown wires on the back. (The cameras I saw before have ports, such as network cable or SIAMESE CABLE) Would anyone care to help me...
  6. K

    Should I switch from BI to Dahua or Hikvsion NVR?

    I've been running Blue Iris since 2016, and currently have 7 no-name cameras covering my home interior and exterior running on an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU with 6GB of RAM. I use the indoor cameras for pet/pet-sitter monitoring and the exterior ones for identification in case of trespassers...
  7. K

    Accessing IP camera (connected to NVR) on browser

    Hey everyone, I have a dahua NVR setup with 2 cameras connected to it. I’m having issues trying to sync my time stamps on the playbacks and would like to check the time settings on the camera itself as I’ve read DST times have been an issue with time sync. Issue is, I can’t connect to the...
  8. Ollie

    IPC-HDW3249TM-AS-NI - is recommended?

    Hi, I'm considering of buying this budget camera. It is 2MP with a 1/2.8" sensor. https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/All-Products/Network-Cameras/WizSense-Series/Full-color/IPC-HDW3249TM-AS-NI I wonder whether someone has it or is familiar with it and with its picture quality at night? Also...
  9. chayakorn

    Why I export file video and it failed? ( Smart PSS)

    Why I export file video and it failed? ( Smart PSS)
  10. L

    New install need advice. Seeking photo recognition database - Hikvision NVR iDS-7716NXI-I4/16P/X available in US?

    Hello...I'm not sure if this is the right sub category to post this, but chose to post here since my question is NVR driven. I am outfitting a large estate home and planned to use a combination of the following cameras: 4 - Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL - 4 mm 6 - Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL...
  11. L

    Dahua IVS setup "Working Period" - Can't Edit?

    I'm in the learning phase with several cameras purchased recently. The same issue is seen on both T5442TM-AS and 2431T-AS models I have: When setting up IVS there is a field for "Working Period" that looks like a schedule. It shows SUNbox in red with it's box checked & grayed out. I can check...
  12. Mark_M

    TP-Link is innovating better than Hik/Dahua?

    As the name suggests, TP-Link is stepping up their game in terms of what their cameras are capable of. Their specifications do not compete with Hikvision and Dahua but the ideas are something I could see being mainstream in the future. Comment what you think. TP-Link are trying to become a new...
  13. C

    Dahua NVR "control room" connection, 3 open ports on router

    We are fairly new with the Dahua equipment and would like to know if and how you can safely make a remote connection with a "control room" in case there is an alarm notification in the middle of the night and people from the "control room" also would like the see the 'live view' of the...
  14. Testing123TT

    Help in selecting proper NVR

    Hey guys, I have the following cameras: 2x Dahua 4k HDW3549H-AS-PV-2080B 2x Dahua 4k HFW3549T1-AS-PV-2080B 2x Hikvision 1080p cameras (that I plan to connect to a Dahua NVR via onvif). Possibly 1 more HFW3549T1 in the future, but not 100% The question is - from what I understand reading the...
  15. S

    Synology with Dahua SMD 3.0

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been using Synology for many years, most recently I am running Synology 920+ NAS with two ip cameras. One camera the new Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2-LU AccuSense camera, and the other is my old Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE. All my hardware is running the latest...
  16. R

    FPS/key Sometimes Drops

    I have a Dahua camera as an LPR. When I was scrolling frame by frame (scroll wheel) through recordings I realized that every 4-6s there would be a 0.8 - 1.2s jump from one frame to the next. As a result I missed license plates. I double checked my camera settings which are 15fps, every 15th...
  17. A

    Dahua Snapshot Image Size

    Hi, Does anyone know how to change the image size resolution or perhaps HTTP API to snap lower image size? My Dahua version is IPC-HFW2431T-ZAS-S2 using firmware V2.820.0000000.45.R, Build Date: 2022-03-31 I have tried to change the video resolution and also enable the sub stream, but the...
  18. Ollie

    only partial IPC features available after adding it to XVR (hybrid NVR + DVR of Dahua)

    (XVR has only coax input connectors + a single IP input for network connectivity. it can get though an IP input as well). I've added a Dahua IPC (ipc-hdw5442tm-ase) to my XVR ( XVR5104HS-4KL-I3). Currently the entire video stream from this IPC is being recorded into my XVR HDD. Adding an IP...
  19. Dave88LX

    Another "password for NVR5416-4KS2" thread -- have pattern though

    I purchased a Dahua NVR5416-4KS2 NVR from @EMPIRETECANDY in 2017. I started messing around, setting it up. Life got in the way, it's been sitting in the basement. Now I'm trying to get things going again. I remember the pattern login, but, not the admin account login. I've searched a few threads...
  20. Mark_M

    Anyone used this Dahua flood light camera? - IPC-WL46A

    Anyone got information on this? Pricing or review of it? Browsing through dahuasecurity.com I have come across this floodlight camera. Dahua is obviously aiming this at the consumer market with it being wireless. Camera unit looks slightly different than the Lorex and Amcrest ones. I don't care...
  21. R

    Dahua VTH (VTH2421FB-P) : How to change ring tone?

    Hello, I have searched far and wide trying to figure out how to change the absurd ring tone of our VTH device, but am coming up stuck no matter which thread I follow. The closest I have gotten is using this post; however, my version of the VTH does not allow for the removal of the SD card, so I...
  22. Giorgi3

    How to add unbranded cameras in dahua NVR? (thread with images and all details)

    hello, i tried many different ways i cant add unbranded cameras to dahua NVR NVR2108HS-8P-T NVR password: admin123 CAM 1-2 Passwords: admin123 CAM 1-2 type: IPC-IPVM3150F NVR network config: IP: Subnet: Gateway: (router) for testing i make different...
  23. C

    SD5A425XA-HNR PTZ Auto Tracking set up guide or Wiki

    I have been searching the intets and this forum for some knowledge of how to configure the Intrusion or Tripwire PTZ auto tracking. I have come up with a few settings, however it is not working as expected. IE it will not auto track. I have set up a PTZ Function for Main Position. I have set...
  24. M

    What is the operating temperature allowed for Dahua PTZ's in cold weather?

    So this huge storm hit last night. -4 degrees and with wind chill -25. I have 2 cameras. Loryta SD49225XA-HNR and SD49425XB-HNR. The 4 meg one started to make a whining noise and would not rotate. I decided to unplug them all. Kind of sounded like the motor was trying to turn the camera but...
  25. T

    Dahua Smoke Detector/Flame Sensing Camera NO FLAME SENSING NOTIFICATIONS

    A customer of mine wanted to integrate fire detection into his surveillance system so i ordered these cameras. DHI-HY-SAV849HAN-E. Only place i could find them was from China. Anyways, i am able to get the smoke detection alerts to push through the DMSS app but i cannot get the flame sensing...
  26. izzynho

    Dahua DH-NVR4208-8P-4K firmware??

    can someone help me, i can't find multilanguage software anywhere for the nvr4208-8p-4k, dahua send me the version 4k2s but it doesnt upgrade my nvr, everytime it says upgrade failed at the start, does anyone know where i can find it or does anyone have it?
  27. T

    Stream preview without login

    Hello all, 

I have recently purchased the sd49425xb-hnr to replace an Axis P5415-E.. However during the purchase I overlooked a significant feature that the Dahua does not include which is the ability to view the web stream without logging in.

 Is there any thoughts on a way around this or...
  28. bluebrush

    Hi- Dahua NVR WIFI/VPN/iOS?

    Hi, Total newbie in the ipcam area but good background of other tech. This forum comes up a lot on google when I have been researching! I guess my total newbie question is probably best here? Looking to set up 4 dahua turrets to one of their NVRs with smd/ai etc (I could but don't have the...
  29. Buttan Butt

    Can't find settings for VLAN on my Dahua Cameras

    Today I realized there is no setting for VLAN ID on my Dahua Cameras. I guess I will have to use an untagged port on my switch then. Also there is no dual IP stack.
  30. J

    Best day/night option without external API

    Hi guys, I have a system running at a factory with a total of 16 (in the nearby future 25) HFW5442 and HFW5241 cams on a NVR5832-R-4KS2. I'm trying to get the best day/night settings and am running into the known problem of not being able to have color and the perfect shutter/gain options at...