1. C

    Dahua - send outbound HTTP request?

    Hi all - this is my first post :) I'm trying to use a stereo-vision Dahua camera that supports People Counting to periodically upload People Counting stats for an area to a remote server. I found a link to the "Amcrest HTTP API" docs, and have been making HTTP API calls to my camera to fetch...
  2. M

    Anyone played with a Dahua Radar connected to their PTZ ?

    So this has my interest heightened. https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/40137?us https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/40147 Seems like I should be able to run one or more of the PFR4K-E50 or PFR4K-E120 and a capable PTZs and I should be able to have a pretty...
  3. ermac

    Best practise for time sync

    I am sure this topic has been discussed a few times here, but would like to know what most think the best practise is for syncing Dahua IP cameras' time with a Dahua NVR/XVR's time? Should the NVR/XVR be set to sync with an NTP and each IP camera also set to sync with an NTP in the camera's own...
  4. Yvonne2020

    IDMSS failed to connect

    I have Dahua camera installed for a couple of years. I use IDMSS plus to view the image on my iPhone and iPad. It has always been a problem that around two or three times a week, the app has “connection failed”. This happens regardless of whether I am using home wifi or mobile data on my phone...
  5. G

    Need help identifying and unbricking IPC

    As the title states. I have attached some images of the IPC itself and the serial output. I tried various firmwares which none of them got the device to boot into Linux properly. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. jd415

    Night Images Compare 8MP Camera With A 1/2.5 Sensor And A 1/1.8 Sensor

    Updated photos from my last post, both are Lorex (Dahua OEM) 8MP LNB9272 1/1.8 Sensor 8MP LNB8005BW 1/2.5 Sensor Keep in mind I have no street lights, it was not a full moon and it was pitch dark outside. All settings are default set to auto for testing purposes.
  7. H

    Dahua NVR Dual ethernet not workable

    Hi I am using several dahua NVRs for my cctv system. But dual ethernet setting with two lan cable cause NVRs offline or only have recording occasionally. I have to remove 1 LAN to resume normal. The NVR is in fault tolerance mode. If I choose Load balance mode, the NVRs are normal but I need...
  8. K

    Dahua NVR records video from IPC only when I logged in

    Hi everyone I have Dahua NVR4104-P-4kS2 with 3 XM IP cameras, connected to NVR POE ports. They supported ONVIF 2.4.1. My laptop ( connected to NVR LAN port ( Cameras have IP (connected to POE 1-3). NVR has HDD (WD Purple), that was formatted from...
  9. Elvinsanity

    Help about Dahua XVR5108HS-X

    Pls help, my Dahua XVR5108HS-X doesn't show Live View of my 8 CCTV Cameras. The NVR device that i added has Online status already, But Live View of Cameras does not show up, it always display Black Screen with "Searching Video" text. I dont know if its Network problem or Video Graphics Card. I...
  10. Eraking

    Dahua VTO2000A doesn't work (light starts blinking, it disappeared from the network).

    Hello, ipcamtalk members, this is the first time that I'm posting here. I have a Dahua VTO2000A outdoor station connected to Dahua VTH1550CH indoor monitor the VTO was working well I can view the outdoor camera from the monitor and the phone but just a 10 - 15min after, the VTO namespace light...
  11. M

    Dahua motion stop notification

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a similar issue and was able to figure this out. Is there any way to stop the camera to send the 'motion detection stop' notification email on Dahua. Everytime a motion is triggered it sends 2 emails. One with the attached pics and another one for the...
  12. M

    Dahua - active deterrence

    Dahua IPC-HDW5541H-AS-PV https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/32937 Does anyone have experience with this camera? Especially the active deterrence function. Do you know where you can buy it? When searching online I mostly see Chinese websites and I fear I will just get a fake...
  13. Angrigo

    How to talk with an IP cam to get ANPR data?

    I have an IP cam and I would like to retrieve the license plate when it see something. Through its web panel I can see it does it but I can't retreive picture, info, programatically. I tried using ONVIF but I can't manage to subscribe to the event and looking to onvif device manager my event is...
  14. AveryFreeman

    Another dumb "which brand is better" thread: Dahua VS Hikvision

    OK, I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm doing it anyway I've been a Hikvision user, was thinking of switching to Dahua, but have never used one before All the "this vs that" forums are fairly old now, and was just wondering for Q4 2019: Which NVR mfg is better? Has anyone switched from...
  15. AveryFreeman

    General questions about Dahua Firmware

    Hey So I have never worked with Dahua NVR before but am looking into getting one for a client A few questions came to mind: 1) Am I correct in thinking 5xxx firmware covers anything NVR5000-NVR599? I don't see any firmware name more specific to the NVR I'm thinking of buying - NVR5832-4KS2...
  16. AveryFreeman

    Is Lorax N881 a rebranded Dahua N54B3P?

    Hey What's the deal with Lorax, are they just re-branding Dahua NVRs? The N881 in the Costco 4K package deal for $1299 looks quite a bit like the Dahua N54B3P Do Lorax products really suck as bad as everyone says? Am I right in thinking I should steer clear and get a genuine Dahua NVR? Am I...
  17. AveryFreeman

    Anybody familiar with Dahua 58xx 5816/32 NVRs?

    Hey, so I'm intrigued by this 58xx line by Dahua like NVR5832-4KS2 NVR5832-16P-4KS2 etc.? (the 16P is the POE switch version But I don't see anything about 58xx on the USA website, only the international one I've seen some sellers on US stores sell them, but they ship direct from China -...
  18. S

    Dahua XVR don't have some playback fonctions through Web browser ?

    Hi, Why some fonctions like "Fast Play 2x.. 4x.. 8x..", "Slow Play", "Play previous file", play next file", etc. aren't present through Web Browser (WebService) ? Theses fonctions are usable throught mouse/computer-display attached back on the XVR but not present trought Webbrowser. My old...
  19. oowSEM

    Dahua security

    Hi guys, Could you please tell me can i create user and assign MAC address to him? I need it to avoid sharing credentials between peoples. Thank you, oowSEM
  20. Yohan34500bez

    Dahua snapshot email empty

    Hi everyone, I have a nvr4208-8p-4ks2 Dahua and when I receive email, it’s write motion detect clear or erased. I actived attachment from smtp and snapshop motion detect but nothing by mail. How I can configure completely the NVR ? Who has this problems ??? Thanks a lot Yohan France
  21. C

    RTMP Audio out of Sync - Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE

    Hello all, I have my Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE set up to RTMP streaming with Youtube live stream. Video works fine at 50 frames 100 keyframes with very little latency (1 second delay to youtube). My problem is that audio delay starts to increase from the moment I start the stream. At first, audio...
  22. K

    New Home build - Camera locations & models feedback

    Hello, Our new home is getting built and the delivery date is next Summer (June 2020). So, we have an option to put in all the cables we want including CAT6. We want to get CC cameras installed for continuous monitoring and found this forum. Thank you to all the contributors for your valuable...
  23. robpeng

    Dahua P2P Use Cases

    Hi Guys, I've been setting up Dahua IPC cameras for local farmers to allow them to view there livestock remotely via gDMSS on Android/IPhone, works great. I've seen some users here post that P2P isn't recommended? The feeds are not recorded as farmers only require live view and have no...
  24. P

    Suggestions and Tips for Remodel Cameras & Locations

    Awesome forum for ip camera information, much appreciated for someone learning the ropes like myself. I'm looking for suggestions on my plan for cameras while my home is being remodeled. I'm in a rural area so mainly interested in watching my chickens and the deer eat my wife's tomato plants...
  25. C

    WTS Dahua starlight PTZ cameras DVR’s NVR’s Tribrids HDCVI + Dahua DH-SD49225IN-HC 2MP 25X Starlight 100m IR PTZ HDCVI Camera BRAND NEW SEALED (x10+)

    Dahua DH-SD49225IN-HC 2MP 25X Starlight 100m IR PTZ HDCVI Camera BRAND NEW SEALED $300 shipped for each more than 10 available located near Fort Lauderdale Florida I have a bunch of DVR's, a couple NVR's a bunch of Tribrids and lots of cameras too. Here is a small list of stocked items LIST OF...
  26. ermac

    Best Setting for Motion Detect Record

    Googling "anti-dither" and "latch" in security camera terms can be a bit confusing... seems the explanation and definition of these terms varies and not all that clear. Dahua's default settings for Motion Detect is anti-dither set at 5 seconds and latch set at 10 seconds as well as delay at 10...
  27. khaledlela

    My dahua XVR 4.0 stuck

    I have bought Dahua XVR model DH-XVR5108C-X, But suddenly device freezed and when reboot device stuck on splash screen XVR 4.0 | dahua, ===> You can see color corruption on the screen seem to be VGA failure issue. I followed dahua instructions : 1. Remove hard disk, and start device same...
  28. O

    Struggling with determining correct outdoor locations for new business building

    Hello, We are soon moving to a new building and as the IT manager I have been asked by my employer to determine the correct outdoor security camera set-up. I have tried to be a good student and have read the Wiki and Cliff Notes, as well as spending a fair amount of time reading in this forum...
  29. bigoliver

    Water damaged connector, fixed. Dahua

    Just sharing in case it helps others. How I broke my IPC-HDW5231R-Z I decided I wanted more cameras after running a single cable to the side of my home, so I followed the cliff notes idea of using a POE powered switch. The POE switch was housed in an "off the shelf" waterproof enclosure...
  30. TL1096r

    Newbie Starter Guide to IP Cam System – VPN setup – Computer Hardware – Blue Iris – Dahua Cameras

    This is an intermediate / newbie guide for people just starting out looking for a surveillance setup. I know this setup might not be for everyone and there are many options. You can find a lot of this information in the Wiki: IP Cam Talk Wiki | IP Cam Talk A great place to start in the Wiki...