1. S

    I cannot connect to my IP camera Dahua IPC-HFW1235S-W anymore after the power went out

    Hello reader I'm experiencing issues with my Dahua IP camera. After the power went out and was restored, my camera wasn't showing up anymore and wasn't connecting to the internet. I have downloaded the Dahua Config Tool but I can't find the camera in the network, even with a seperate IP...
  2. K

    Help newb here with a messed install looking for help.

    HI all, I'm from the UK and have two H-IPC-HDW3849H-AS-PV-S3 without going into loads of detail detail the installer put the wrong NVR in and now I need to look for a NVR that can use AI and do 8MP at 20Fps as I find the the most comfortable to view, with room for expansion and also so I can use...
  3. K

    Fisheye cameras for Blue Iris

    Can anyone help with info on PoE fisheye cameras for use with Blue Iris 5? I'm trying to achieve maximum coverage of the interior and perimeter of a small (1,000 sqft) house on a 12,000 sqft lot. I'm hoping to keep the cost below $1-2k total for 2 interior and 2 exterior cameras, if possible. I...
  4. DiliMe

    Dahua videointercom - VTO without VTH for 6 apartments (each aprtmnt with smartphone DMSS)

    Hi guys, Quick question here. I know this is not an IP cam question, but hopefully you can help. We're 6 apartments in an old building, looking to install on the fence 1 x Dahua VTO6221E-P, but we do NOT want any wires inside the building for internal intercoms (so not VTHs). Is it possible to...
  5. stampa.ale

    LIVE STREAM Dahua ip cams to cloud server without setting the port-forwarding and DDNS

    Hi everybody, I have a website with 10 live ip cams (Dahua cams) that are live streaming HD video to monitor the beaches and the ocean in different locations in Fuerteventura island (Canary Islands). https://www.fuerteventuraplayas.com/en/webcams The ip webcams are connected with cable to...
  6. A

    Dahua removed links to firmware and software

    Hi everyone, it has been a couple of days since dahua removed link to download tools, SDK, firmware, and software generally. Link: Download Center You can check the images attached. Does anyone know what is going on? I cant find SDK to continue my work on software...
  7. H

    Please Help A Rookie - Dahua LPR - IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E - Settings

    Hello everyone, I want to first thank everyone that shares so much knowledge on this forum. I am a rookie when it comes to the IP Cam world and spending time on this website has helped immensely. I just purchased cameras from Empire Andy and finished the installation on my home. Learning how to...
  8. Dilan De SIlva

    How can I search for snaphots from web interface?

    Hi, I'm a new user of dahua 8 channel system (DH-XVR1B08H-I) with 6 cameras. When I connected to the system through WiFi and trough my PC, I cannot search for snapshots (I can search only for recordings). Drop-down list contains only "Record" option. But from DVR (if I connect a mouse to the...
  9. E

    Camera is blinking red light and not initializing

    I have Dahua Imou ranger 2 and it was not updating to the latest firmware so i decided to reset it. but as soon as i reset it, it's not initializing. it just keeps showing blinking red light but does not initialize. I tried changing my IP to cam's ip is but on Dahua...
  10. mmip

    SMTP email problem

    I don't have NVR or DVR so I create many gmail accounts so my camera can send me notifications but the emails are working for a couple of days and then it says fail when I test the email in the network tab smtp. I can't buy DVR right now but I still want to receive notifications. Can I buy my...
  11. S

    Dahua VTO2000A FW4.3 SIP connection problems with VTH1510CH

    I have a 2-wire setup (ip-gateway) with 1x VTO (modular) at front door and 3x VTH for each floor. The default factory image was v3.12x (non-SIP) and has been upgraded to v4.3 SIP. The upgrade from 1 of 3 VTH devices failed but could be recovered using TFTP method. Upgrade Steps: - upgraded...
  12. D

    Power To HDD Causes Display To Fail - Dahua NVR4104HS

    Hello all, First time poster, long time reader. I have the above model number Dahua NVR system. It works perfectly fine, except recently when trying to install a HDD. As soon as i try to connect the SATA 15 pin to 4 pin plug into the motherboard the display to the TV is lost. Once removed...
  13. C

    IPC-HDBW3441R-ZS - can't play RTSP stream on VLC

    Hello, I'm trying these strings on VLC without success rtsp:/stream:Stream1!@ rtsp:/stream:Stream1!@ rtsp:/stream:Stream1!@ could you...
  14. chethanjs

    IVS schedule not working

    Hi guys, i have setup IVS on my NVR and purposefully unchecked certain time slots in the Schedule setting to NOT receive any alerts during this time. However the DMSS alerting on the iPhone disregards this unchecks and keeps sending me multiple alert during the blacked out times. how do I...
  15. mmip

    How to access my camera from another network?

    Hello, I own Dahua SD59225. I want to access my camera from my other network because where the camera is located I don't stay there all day so I need to access the camera IP in the browser from my other network where I spend most of my time. Currently I'm using an app gDMSS which is great but...
  16. R

    Dahua Installation Question

    Hi Folks, A new poster alert! I am working on my humble setup - IP Cameras (4), WAPs (3) & Intercom (1 door station & 2 monitors) and I would need your assistance on the same. Will I be able to achieve the below setup? If yes, what kind of NVR should I go with? Or should I go with two NVRs...
  17. mmip

    Why is my camera lagging?

    Hello, My camera model is Dahua SD59225U-HNI. For the last couple of days I experience problem with the camera. It's lagging when I watch live from the app gDMSS but it's lagging only when I watch with different network than what the camera uses. It goes from 150 kb\s to 60 kb/s then 20 kb/s...
  18. Adore

    Problem Dahua HCVR7108H

    Hello good afternoon, I have a Dahua HCVR7108H system with 4 cameras connected. The system has always worked fine, however recently in the middle of the night it started to beep. To stop the noise I turned it off and on again, and from there, it didn't work anymore! The front and inside(board)...
  19. T

    No audio through Dahua XVR when connecting Hikvision cams via ONVIF

    I have added 2 Hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW cameras on a Dahua XVR but there is no audio as wells as 2-way audio. I tried to add the cameras also on Synology's Surveilance Station and there' still no sound but 2-way audio is operational. Is there any recommendation/setting to try? Thanks in advance!!
  20. Q

    Dahua corridor mode

    Hello Does anyone know if it is possible to improve the appearance of the image of the cameras switched to corridor mode? I have cameras filming store and warehouse shelves, I rotated the cameras 90° and set the "flip" setting to 90° too. The image is therefore straight on the mosaic but...
  21. djkprojects

    SD49225XA-HNR POE issue?

    Hello guys, I bought the SD49225XA-HNR from Andy last year and only just had a chance to mount it. Yesterday before I mounted it I gave it a quick test, connected the cam to my old Netgear GS110TP POE switch logged into the cam directly on .108 and although the camera was working when I tried...
  22. W

    Where to buy more black rubber plugs for G3/4" openings of Dahua mount PFA130-E?

    Title. I know the Dahua PFA130-E mount comes with one of these black rubber plugs where the camera mounts flush to the base of this mount. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can buy more of them or somehow get 3D prints of it?
  23. B

    Hikvision or Dahua doorbell?

    Hello guys, I was currently checking to buy a new doorbell and saw these 2: https://www.hikvision.com/en/products/Video-Intercom-Products/IP-Series/Pro-Series/DS-KD8003-IME1-Flush/...
  24. S

    Dahua NVR - what ports for IVS emails - unifi firewall

    Hi All, Any help appreciated. I understand it may be simple, but I'm a newbie. I have a Unifi USG, 2 AP's and 3 switches. I have a Dahua NVR on its own VLAN. I have a rule to block all traffic (Lan_IN) from the VLan the NVR is sitting on, to stop it connecting to the internet, for...
  25. C

    Need advice: Stay with Dahua+SmartPSS or move on?

    Background: For many years I’ve used Dahua DVRs plus SmartPSS on the Mac. I like the technical capabilities and functionality of SmartPSS, despite some obvious flaws, and hate most of the crappy phone apps available to access these units. Outside motion detection is problematic but I use...
  26. B

    Recycling HDD in NVR

    Hi, My Dahua NVR has started throwing bad sector errors on internal disk. I have a spare WD Red 4TB disk sitting, which has been in light NAS use, but has no SMART errors. Can there be any issues with putting this disk in the NVR ? Cheers
  27. S

    4K/8MP 1/1.2” CMOS sensor N85EFN2 compatible with Synology Surveillance Station?

    I got my N85EFN2 from Andy/EmpireTech and after getting it "configured" with the software I found on Dahua USA's website, I tried connecting it to my Synology Diskstation running Surveillance Station. If I didn't know better, I would think it wasn't turned on but, the Dahua config tool sees it...
  28. chethanjs

    Need help configuring alerts/setting for Dahua IPC-T5842T-ZE

    The camera is brilliant, love the clarity even in low light. The cameras are so amazing that I can see a person's face even when they are seated inside the car. So, when I setup the alerts on NVR5216-16P-4KS2E and iphone DMSS , the alerts are too sensitive. Here are some observations: The...
  29. gobats

    Combine existing Dahua XVR with new Dahua NVR

    Hi, first post and mindful of the fact that what I am hoping for may not be possible so please go easy. I am moving in to a new warehouse that has 16 existing analog cameras (Dahua HAC-HFW2401TP-Z-A) connected to a Dahua XVR5216AN unit. We need to install a further 24 cameras for other areas of...
  30. Z

    Color camera trend in the future?

    Hi I have installer the Hikvision ColorVu and Dahua Night Color camera for a while. They all have been given me a really impressive color image in the night time and not only me but also my client have been into these product quite a lot. In the meantime, there is obviously an drawback of night...