1. bluebrush

    Hi- Dahua NVR WIFI/VPN/iOS?

    Hi, Total newbie in the ipcam area but good background of other tech. This forum comes up a lot on google when I have been researching! I guess my total newbie question is probably best here? Looking to set up 4 dahua turrets to one of their NVRs with smd/ai etc (I could but don't have the...
  2. Buttan Butt

    Can't find settings for VLAN on my Dahua Cameras

    Today I realized there is no setting for VLAN ID on my Dahua Cameras. I guess I will have to use an untagged port on my switch then. Also there is no dual IP stack.
  3. J

    Best day/night option without external API

    Hi guys, I have a system running at a factory with a total of 16 (in the nearby future 25) HFW5442 and HFW5241 cams on a NVR5832-R-4KS2. I'm trying to get the best day/night settings and am running into the known problem of not being able to have color and the perfect shutter/gain options at...
  4. I

    Automatic Update Says I am on the Latest but I am not - Dahua NVR 5xxx

    Hi Everyone, I have a Dahua - DHI-NVR5224-24P-4KS2 and the current version below: Hardware Version - V1.0 System Version - V4.000.0000000.1 Build Date - 09-08-2019 Web Version - V3.2.7.118768 Security Baseline Version V2.0 There is an update on the Dahua site seen below which was released...
  5. Mark_M

    Fan speed via API

    Is there an API command for NVR to change fan speed? I have a NVR5216-16P-I which has one fan that can change speed. I would like to know if there is API to change fan setting to 'Self-adaption' or 'Full-speed'. My thought it to use Home Assistant to set the fan to full-speed during the day...
  6. scottgerry32

    SMD on Wifi Series (IPC-HFW1430DS-SAW)- opinions?

    Hello there, I've had my eye on the wifi Series because it would spare me some money/trouble on cables extension ( particularly the IPC-HFW1430DS-SAW), and noticed that it had Smart Motion Detection (but only for humans), which suites me just fine since I would point it to my garden. Anyone else...
  7. A

    PTZ control issue on NVR NDahua5216-4KS2

    I have 8 cameras installed and 4 of them are PTZ cruisers ( the imou ones ). The problem is I am unable to move the cameras UP and DOWN neither from the NVR, SmartPSS, or the DMSS app. Just the up and down dont work they do move left and right without issue. The only way I am able to move the...
  8. I

    Boot Loop after Firmware DH_NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.002.0000000.5.R.220729

    Hi Everyone, I have an NVR5224-24P-4KS2 and needed to update the firmware as we were having problems accessing the unit from any browser other than Internet Explorer. We ran the DH_NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.002.0000000.5.R.220729 Firmware and now the unit simply gets stuck at the boot screen...
  9. N

    IPC-HFW1831E No Image and Weird Behavior

    I got a nice setup from Andy that consists of 4 IPC-HFW1831E and 52xx (I think) NVR. I tested all cameras when received and they worked great. I installed 3 out 4 cameras and they were rock solid. The 4th camera was in storage for over a year. I decided to add it to the system... Plugged in...
  10. 7tech

    DAHUA PoE camera does not power with Poe switch but powers with 12v adapter

    M’y DAHUA up cameras doesn’t power on when connected to PoE switch but it powers on when I connect a 12v adapter. What could be the problem with the PoE line and how to solve it?
  11. Mark_M

    Ducks on thermal camera

    Short and boring video. These three ducks came past the thermal camera I had watching concrete cure. Captured on a Dahua TPC-DF1241 Relative conversion: 30c is about 86f.
  12. T

    Dahua Cam Question

    What is the difference between the sd49425xb-hnr found on the IPCT store vs the model 49425XBNR found on the USA website? Does the warranty differe if purchased from the IPCT store? The IPCT store version states EoL on the dahua site. The plan is to use the camera with BlueIRIS. Thank you
  13. H

    Manage cross system in one mobile app

    Hello everyone: I need to know if there any mobile app for both Android & IOS to Add and manage Hikvision and Dahua devices in one platform Thanks in advance
  14. T

    Night Licence plates

    Hi All, I have a Dahua SD5A425XA-HNR. At night, it has a strong IR light and lights the scene well. What I've discovered of course is that since licence plates are highly reflective, they are overexposed and unreadable. Default Exposure Compensation is set at 50. (Scale 0-100). This works...
  15. M

    Loryta 4MP SD49425XB-HNR Tracking and Tuning

    Right now, this camera is locking onto a target but not zooming in close enough to the target. What settings are adjustable for the amount of zoom going into a target? Also, can anyone review these settings? Do they look right? EIS is Off, Picture freeze off, Exposure 2D NR: ON, 3D NR: On...
  16. I

    Problems with calls between Dahua VTHs, VTO, and Zoiper and Linphone softphones

    Just a warning, I am a newbie with SIP, so I appreciate your patience. I have a system comprised of a Dahua VTO2202F-P-S2 and two VTH5341G-W monitors. I use the SIP server on the VTO (running firmware 4.5), and all audio and video calling between the three units works entirely as expected...
  17. P

    Night mode not working with IVS

    Hi there, I have a setup with a DHI-NVR5208-8P-4KS2 running 7 cameras. The models are: HDW5541H-AS-PV HDW3541T-ZAS HDW3849-AS_PV During the day, IVS is working prefect, giving alarms on people, vehicles etc. But as soon as its dark, there is suddenly a bad performance. IR is turned up to the...
  18. BIGHH

    Dahua Recording issue

    Hello my 3 dahua nvr have a big problem which is record break, often its records from 8h to 21 h sometimes all day. everything in schedule is okay I updated firmware but not solved it. What can I do ? device model is DHI-NVR4432-4KS2 thanks.
  19. A

    Dahua Camera Network Registration

    Hi Guys, I'm having so many issues trying to get access to my camera web browser. I can't for the life of me get this working. It use to work and all of sudden one would work and now both don't. I have reset my network settings. Tried changing to static and back to dhcp. I'm tried unplugging...
  20. T

    What are security camera enthusiasts gonna do when most Chinese cameras are banned for sale in US come Nov., 2022?

    1. I'm aware of possible actions to minimize external access to our security cameras: e.g., Looking to replace an aging system and what else can i do to secure my network? any advice or tips 2. Ban notice likely in Nov. when FCC prohibits USA certification and thus sale: FCC to Ban...
  21. O

    p2p vivid picture dahua

    Can switch IP camera to vivid picture mode through p2p nvr? Vivid option is available when access from web {IP}
  22. Seriyyy95

    Dahua XVR, FTP and SMD

    Hi everyone. I have Dahua DH-XVR5104C-4KL-I3 XVR. I want to back up all records with humans (found by SMD) to the FTP server. My device can upload only all video, or video recorded by event (motion detection) but there is no dedicated option for smart motion detection. I will stick a screenshot...
  23. L

    missing frames

    hello, recently installed several of the latest dahua 5442T-ZE varifocal turrets. was looking at some of the footage and am seeing ghosting and what looks like missing frames. you can see this guy get of the car then the footage goes out before you see him walking back... the camera is wired...
  24. mmip

    When camera turns off send notification?

    Hello! Is there a way to receive notification when my camera turns off? For example when the power turns off? Via email or phone number for example. I need that because where the camera is the power is not rebooting automatically. I just want to know when the power turn off so I will know to...
  25. Mark_M

    Fish eyes for people counting in tough lighting.

    Pondering some thoughts... I am waiting to try people counting for a large light show I do. This is where it gets tricky. Peak times have 50 people at once. Higher resolution is needed for fisheyes but that takes away from low light capability (and my budget). Add to that, the camera will have...
  26. K

    Dahua doorbell lineup

    Hi! I replaced my fence and I would like to get IP doorbell installed to pick up the calls/ open the gate on my phone. There will be another (better) camera looking in that direction so the video quality is not top priority. I have Ethernet wires installed and I want to go with Dahua. Any...
  27. K

    How to manually focus for multiple presets

    I have an outdoor PTZ camera (Dahua SD50225UN-HNI) with 3 different presets. The focus is currently set to manual, as auto-focus has a difficult time deciding what to focus on. Manual focus works okay for 2 presets that are at approximately the same distance, but it is completely out of focus...
  28. ermac

    Dahua NVR recommendation: DHI-NVR5216-16P-4KS2E vs DHI-NVR5216-8P-I

    I am running a hybrid system of 16 cams (11 WizMind IP cams and 5 HDCVI cams) currently all connected to a XVR (DH-XVR5216-4KL-I2) The XVR gives the HDCVI cams WizSense AI but I cannot recored on SMD for the IPs or get push notifications for any AI alerts through the XVR. Only solution is to...
  29. mmip

    Just a couple of questions

    Hello, I would like to ask you a couple of question about my dahua sd59225 ip camera. 1. Is there an option when I navigate ( when I'm moving ) the camera without sound of the camera? Because the camera is getting old and the sound is really loud and if there's an option to turn it off...
  30. zaklahunik

    DAHUA snapshop "Error Invalid Authority" php

    So i have 2 dahua cameras, different model same condditions. Both in the same subnet. I have a php file where I call cURL on both to get a snapshot and save it. The thing is when i mount the server in my Apple MAcbookPro everything works. But when I try to do this from a Windows 10 computer the...