1. Epatix

    Dahua nvr2108 telnet

    Does anyone know how to connect Dahua nvr2108hs-8p-s2 via telnet Firmware : 3.205.0 build 2017-10-13 When I scan the open ports on my nvr I don't have telnet 23 open (see nmap result below) Nmap scan report for Dahua_NVR ( Host is up (0.0045s latency). Not shown: 65531 closed...
  2. B

    Dahua X72A3A 16 port BNC XVR wireless camera support

    Good Evening: I am really getting wrapped around the axel with this. The security company that sold me my XVR, told me that I can add wireless cameras to my XVR. Does anyone know how to do this and have it record to the XVR? I am looking for a simple yes or no and if YES just the basic steps. I...
  3. IT-man

    How to integrate Dahua intercom SIP version to other SIP servers.

    Hi I am using VTH1550CH & VTO3211D-P2. both of them upgraded with SIP firmware successfully. I could successfully register my extensions in the SIP server(ZYCOO U20) :) , but can not make calls :(. I think it's codec problem , although I've already enabled the video stream codec(H.264) and...
  4. J

    Should I leverage this Dahua NVR?

    Hi guys I have 4 Dahua IP cameras and a Dahua NVR (NVR4108 - 8P - 4kS2 2T) I also have 5 Hikvision IP cameras to that I used to use with my computer + Blue Iris I want to install some extra cameras and combine the some of the hikvisions and Dahua's Option 1 is to not use the Dahua NVR and...
  5. ivailobiz2

    How can I install Dahua Camera on my PC without emulators?

    Hi, I need help and advice to install and configure my video monitoring on the PC, I'm using the gDMSS Plus app on my phone but I also want to play the software on my computer, I found a tutorial from this website but it's redirecting me to an emulation software only. Is there any other method...
  6. Abdalkarimjavvy

    How to Unbrick Dahua DH-IPC-HDW4300C

    Hi I have a Dahua camera with DH-IPC-HDW4300C model that does not boot, and resets permanently, I do not have an update file that wants to edit IC Nand content (update.img). I have the same dump file from a healthy camera. Please guide how to inject a dummy file or send it if you have an...
  7. 8urt0

    Difference between IPC-HDW5442TM-ASE and IPC-HDW5442TM-AS

    I am looking at the Dahua international site under Pro-AI series 4MP cameras and the two model numbers I can not see what is the difference between them. The ASE version has a orange star on the listing once again I have no idea what this means and why it has an orange star on it but if I check...
  8. R

    Montavue NVR Kit: Please Provide Your Opnion prior to my purchase, thanks :)

    URL: Montavue | 16 Camera Ultra HD 4K NVR Commercial/Residential Surveillance System with 8 4K Bullet Cameras and 8 4K IP Vandal Proof Dome Cameras – Color Night Vision, 200ft IR, 4K @ 30fps, H.265 – Montavue MTIP1216384KBP84KDP the sensor size is why I was recommended this kit 4k at 30fps...
  9. B

    IDMSS app cannot activate push notifications

    Hello! I just installed the IDMSS app and followed all the steps on dahua wiki to activate the push notifications (motion detection) but when I enter the alarm subscription section, the whole page is empty - there should have been my device listed. Any ideas why it's doing this? Thanks
  10. wopi82

    How to bypass video compression in Dahua camera

    Currently I’m testing Dahua IPC-HFW7842H-Z. Hopefully the review will be ready soon, but there is still plenty to do, and I have to find time to put all material together. Anyway, while testing the camera, I’ve found something I was thinking about since my first Dahua I bought. That is, how to...
  11. N

    Dahua HDW5832R-ZE, Amcrest MT2544EW, Lorex LBE8974

    Can anyone tell me the real difference between the Dahua HDW5831R-ZE and the Amcrest MT2544EW and the Lorex LNE8974? Other than IV features, is the Dahua better? Does the Dahua produce a better image? Why does the Lorex have so much more IR range? It is real range or are they padding the specs?
  12. C

    whats bad: camera, setting, or interference?

    camera works fine for 10-15s, then has 2-3s of noise. Not always, but most often like this. dahua 4631c turret I'm pretty sure it did this before I installed it, so I think it is the camera.... it is also from ebay, chinese I think. But I also had to run my cat5e in the vicinity of AC power...
  13. MrNaz

    Dahua NVR with switch

    Hi all I am about to deploy my first Dahua system and I have a few questions about how they work. I will be using the NVR 4416. If I have several cameras in a cluster that are a long way off, can I put a small switch near the cameras, so that I only have to run one long cable to the switch and...
  14. Y

    API-HTTP Command for remote import of configuration to DAHUA NVR/IPC

    Hi, I need to change IVS configuration on my NVR often. And I want to do it from my smartphone. I can change configuration by many-many HTTP commands for each IVS rule and channel, but it is not so convinient. I wonder if there is HTTP command to DAHUA IPC/NVR to automatically import...
  15. prince1566

    Need help buying LPR

    Can someone guide me in buying the best dahua camera on the market which would cost around 500-700 usd, i am so confused with so many cameras they have. I need it for a small hotel with a single entrance and exit. Also i have a lorex LNR616 with 16 4k cameras so i would prefer something that is...
  16. HelpMe3

    can't find firmware update

    Hi So I have 5 dahua ip cams, however these all run on old software versions of 2015-11-06. I would like to update them, however searching the dahua wiki / firmware finder tool I get 0 results for my cam. device type: IPC-HDBW4300E-AS software version: 2.420.0009.0.R, build : 2015-11-06 WEB...
  17. M

    Help identifying Dahua OEM NVR from Speco N8NXP

    Hey everyone. I’m trying to find the original Dahua version of the Speco N8NXP NVR. Based on my research, I think it’s the Dahua NVR4208-8P-4KS2. I’ve opened up the NVR and it seems to match identically both inside and on the back ports. I used the pictures on this amazon listing for reference...
  18. C

    IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E preset (ptz) help

    Hi all, I have this camera (IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E) and want to set a slightly different zoom during the daytime schedule (since the LPR is much easier during the day and I would like the larger FOV to see other objects/areas), I am able to manually zoom & focus in both web browser camera...
  19. S

    (Very) Slow RTSP Using pfsense + VLAN on Dahua

    Hi all, We have a situation where an RTSP stream viewed with VLC on the VLAN is quick to start (1 second), but when it goes through pfsense and a different VLAN, it's very slow (12 seconds). This is reproducible and has been tested with multiple machines on both Windows 10 and MacOS. The...
  20. Y

    How to connect substream via Dahua NVR?

    Hello, I have some issues with coninuesly streaming on a remote device, see topic for further information Continuesly streaming kills Wi-Fi . But i am looking for the option to locally record on maximum resolution and fps, while i am connectiong o a remote device to the substream. I know that...
  21. knedit

    really funky behaviour with a PTZ1C203UE-GN

    Recently got one of these cameras off ebay and its acting very strangely, Its currently using wifi (bad idea i know, planning to switch to Ethernet when the POE injector arrives). I have it mounted on a wall that is effectively right above my wifi router, like literally 6 feet away from it...
  22. T

    Dahua XVR, HCVR - remotely format toll/script/command

    Dear Colleagues, I wonder if there is any way to perform remotely hdd format on Dahua’s XVR, HCVR recorders? I know that I’m able now to do it by SmartPSS or by WEB platform but maybe there is a way to make script, code etc, to do it easier for my way? Maybe sone of you had similiar case? Any...
  23. D

    import device in SMART PSS software using excel

    hi How can I import device to SMART PSS software (DAHUA ) using Excel with username and password(NOT hash)? in usual import mode password must be HASH encrypted
  24. B

    dahua SD65XX-HN firmware

    I am looking for updated firmware version of dahua camera model SD65XX-HN I would be appreciated if anyone can help out : Thank you
  25. Y

    Continuesly streaming kills Wi-Fi

    Hello Folks, I've got a strange problem since two months now. I am doing the maintenance for some camera installation of a family of mine. He has multiple camera Dahua installation on his property in town. He wants to watch every one of them from his office. Even tho i've adviced him to run...
  26. Kiady


    Hello and thanks for your help in advance . I have an ez-ip camera from dahua, after having reset my camera, the tab to be able to change the password when the device is started for the first time no longer appears and in ip config the camera is already initialized. what is the problem if...
  27. N

    This Dahua DVR can't record all channels at the same time

    Hi there everyone, I hope you can help me with this problem I have. The story: I have had installed some cameras in my house. The system consists of 8 cameras, all of them AHD 1080p coaxial. I bought a Dahua XVR7116HE-4KL-X and I noticed something strange the day I turned it on, I was unable...
  28. spe99

    Dahua Web Browser (WebService) stop to working (Freeze)

    Hi, After some minutes of Video playback, Internet Explorer is freezing (all is blocked) and I need to close it with "Task Manager" and open IE again. I don't have another Problem with IE. Only freeze through Web Browser (WebService) . (IE is the last version) Anybody have this Problem ? What...
  29. C

    Dahua - send outbound HTTP request?

    Hi all - this is my first post :) I'm trying to use a stereo-vision Dahua camera that supports People Counting to periodically upload People Counting stats for an area to a remote server. I found a link to the "Amcrest HTTP API" docs, and have been making HTTP API calls to my camera to fetch...
  30. M

    Anyone played with a Dahua Radar connected to their PTZ ?

    So this has my interest heightened. https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/40137?us https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/40147 Seems like I should be able to run one or more of the PFR4K-E50 or PFR4K-E120 and a capable PTZs and I should be able to have a pretty...