1. N

    Which Dahua NVR supports Fisheye "dewarping"

    Hi, I buy one camera that dont work with my NVR because it dont support Fisheye or dewarping. which NVR do i need for IPC-EB5531P BR, Borz
  2. Javik

    Fisheye dewarping: Immervision and Panomorph

    I should post an update regarding panoramic fisheye dewarping. After a bunch of research I have discovered that it's not so simple to dewarp fisheyes, and as I have discovered from firsthand camera testing, it does not work well with generic fisheye cameras not specifically designed for...
  3. Javik

    Blue Iris: Fisheye dewarping / panoramic / PTZ ?

    Does Blue Iris offer any built-in support for dewarping fisheye cameras into a more normal looking 4:3 or 16:10 or panoramic view? I see that depending on cost, some fisheye IP cameras are capable of multiple video streams, and offer direct spherical view plus dewarped views internally. For the...
  4. Tuckerdude

    Fish-EYE Camera support (Please...Pretty Please....Cherry On Top!

    Hey guys....LOVE LOVE LOVE Blue Iris! I've now installed a second setup at my house in Arizona, so I love being able to pull up both locations right from my phone (anywhere in the world....just was in China and it worked flawlessly). What I'm wondering about is whether or not there are any...