doorbell cam

  1. pencilEar

    Need help with Dahua Doorbell

    I installed the Dahua Doorbell (DHI-DB11) about a week ago to replace a Ring Doorbell that quit connecting to my WiFi router. I used the existing wiring for the doorbell on my house, and I was able to get the indoor chime to work after selecting “mechanical” in the DMSS app. In addition to the...
  2. D

    Hi. Here to learn about Hikvision and other doorbell cams

    Howdy. Dave here. Glad to find this forum. I need to learn more about doorbell cams. I was looking at a Hikvision small PoE Door Station (DS-KV8113-IME1). I'd like to buy from my regular electronics store (which carries a lot of stuff/ and almost every brand), so I can get help if anything...
  3. Bizentech

    Need help configuring button press and mobile push notif of DS-KV6113 connected to Hikvision NVR PoE

    Hello all, I am fairly proficient configuring the nvr and the cameras as well as configuring the schedule/motion/line crossing settings, but connecting the Doorbell button press and push notification to phone just confuses me. I can get the video feed to work no problem, but when button is...
  4. W

    Amcrest AD110 - Can I do better than this?

    I received my Amcrest AD110 video doorbell yesterday and was able to get both it and the included module for my existing mechanical chime hooked up. I have not been able to get remote access working yet, but that's alright because I will be using Blue Iris. Likewise, I did not install a microSD...
  5. Chip2552

    Hikvision ds-hd1 vs third party db1/db2

    Looking to purchase the hikvision version of the camera. Is it onvif compatible? Looking at the data sheet from hikvision, it says nothing about onvif but multiple aftermarket versions say they are. Does anyone know? Thanks
  6. M

    Doorbell / Security camera / Synology Surveillance station

    Hi All, Im looking for a smart doorbell thats working fine as doorbell but also can be used for 24/7 surveillance. At this point i only found 1 doorbell that fits everything and thats the Doorbird 101. Are there more options that works well as doorbell and security camera ? Thanks in advance !
  7. O

    Uniview URDB1 - A doorbell with great image quality, Onvif/RTSP streams, and EXIR, but no mechanical/digital doorbell support.

    When I heard about Uniview's doorbell, I was immediately excited to try it out and got my hands on it that same week, thanks to some great connections that I have in the CCTV world. I was already on the lookout for a replacement to my Hikvision doorbell, and it seemed to meet all my requirements...
  8. S

    New Laview DB6 2.1MP AI Doorbell Camera - Battery Powered.

    I was looking through Laview and saw this newly listed, though it isn't for sale yet. Its a battery version of a doorbell camera. I assume its a rebranded Hikvision camera. The page is so new the video that is linked is wrong it shows the 3MP one we are used to that is hardwired only. Below is...
  9. T

    LTS Doorbell and BI video Issue- LTK6128W-WIFI

    I am getting some strange discoloration and distortion when viewing camera through blueiris. I do have decoder compatability checked in BI settings, that was the only way to get the camera working correctly. If anyone has any ideas I am grateful up front. Lastly does anyone know how to turn...
  10. S

    Dec 2020 - Comparison of RTSP Doorbells

    Update Dec 2020: Cleaned up specs table. Added EZVIZ DB1C. There are also many more options available now compared to back when this thread started. If you have one you'd like to add, PM me along with specs and sample video. The purpose of this thread is to share my findings comparing RTSP...
  11. Virtual D

    UBELL app & wired wifi doorbell cam BI configuration please anyone?

    Hi, I've had my door cam a good few months now. It has great image quality with colour at night, 2 way audio, tf card slot & optional power sources (usb, hard wired or rechargeable batteries mine us hard wired). Anyway I am trying to get this working with blue iris but don't have any stream...