1. joneda1

    Blue Iris CPU/GPU for mainly remote viewing

    I'm sure many parts of this question have been answered across many posts but I'm trying to get an answer all in one place. I am planning a new Blue Iris system which will replace a Swann NVR. I can access the 7 surviving Swann cameras on RTSP and I plan 3-4 new IP cameras. I have available a...
  2. martyouel

    Add GPU card in PowerEdge Server

    Hi all, I am running, most of my home needs, on a Dell poweredge 2950. I have an hypervisor on it (esxi) and I do run 6 VMs. I know that I do not have an optimal setup, my old XEON CPUs can't do hardware accelerated video decoding. My BI VM is a Windows 10 Pro and BI is using very high CPU. I...
  3. TL1096r

    Getting Intel Quick Sync to work with Blue Iris (Settings & Troubleshooting)

    This is a good place to start figuring out what system you want to purchase if you do not already have one: Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris | IP Cam Talk First, you can check if your system has Quick Sync. Follow this link: Intel product specifications...
  4. X

    Hardware recommendation/feedback for large quantity camera operations

    Hello, I work for a glass company and we have multiple locations. I recently setup/upgraded a system for our main branch of 30+ cameras, Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I 3MP, and started using Blue Iris as the recording/viewing software. The system is using direct-to-disc, and they are recording at 15...