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    ONVIF door camera recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend an ONVIF door camera with a fish eye lens and audio? If it is known to work with GW Security NVR's that is a plus. I've been all over the web and all I can find is cameras that want you to use their cloud service, but I want to use my already existing NVR. :)
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    Need reccomendations: Dahua compatible 4K @30fps camera with audio

    I own a Dahua NVR5232-4KS2 NVR and need recommendations for a camera that meets these specifications: • 4K video at 30fps • 2.7~3.2MM wide angle lens (varifocal is fine) • Must have audio input or a built-in microphone • SD card is optional • Must be compatible with Dahua's motion detection...