1. TornadoAlley

    What is image eq?

    Guys I have no idea what image eq is. I looked it up and the only documentary says it is some kind of image enhancement. Depending on what it's set to, the camera footage can be completely fine or over saturated and horrible quality. It also has some type of auto selection button and lock...
  2. telbouy916

    SeaLevel SeaDac trigger help

    Hi all. Seeking assistance in getting SeaLevel SeaDac to trigger popup toast in BI5 Also seeking assistance in getting SeaLevel SeaDac to trigger snapshot then save the image to a predetermined folder. Perhaps the SeaDac isn't the best DAC to use in this application? Thanks all.
  3. FiresCZ

    Dahua - cam work only at mobile app

    Hi, I try to add no-name onvif cam to Dahua NVR. I try everything but cam image works only at gdmss app ( android app with no problem) but I can't see image at web browser( other cams works fine), also I can't see image at SmartPSS software .. Any help ? Config in attachement. Analyze...
  4. Libra Sun

    Need Snapshot URL for TVT-rebranded NVR

    For years I've owned a TVT-based NVR with 1 internal HDD and 4 analog cameras attached to it. Never have I been able to obtain image snapshots without opening the browser and manually clicking a control. I'd like to be able -- if it's at all possible with this model -- to capture JPG snapshots...
  5. jiriteach

    iDMSS Push Notifications - Push Type? Video/Image Doesn't Work - FIXED!

    Hi There - I have IVS intrusion zones setup on my Dahua cameras. Detections are working fine and push notifications are coming through but when I click on on the notification - if push type is video or image, it doesn't work. Says no record? I have SD cameras in all of cameras. They are set...
  6. S

    Picture "trailing"??

    Sorry guys. I searched but not sure if I'm describing the problem correctly. My Hik mini dome shoes some trailing of moving objects. I feel like there is a setting that is causing this. Does anyone know where I should start? Thanks!
  7. P

    Receiving Email Alerts But No Images Attached

    So, the good news is I've upgraded my NVR firmware and am now receiving email alerts when an event occurs (line crossing detection) to my gmail account. The bad news is after a while the emails do not include the images. This occurs when each Camera's Resolution is set for 2048*1536 and the...
  8. S

    Motion Detected Image Corruption

    Hopefully looking for some guidance and advice to an annoying problem that i've been unable to solve. Every other photo that is emailed to me as a result of my motion detection being triggered is received corrupted as per the attached. Does anyone else have this problem and/or advicehow to solve...
  9. J

    Upload to FTP on Motion Detection? DS-2CD2432F-IW

    I've got a DS-2CD2432F-IW that I'd like to upload an image on motion detection to my FTP. I know that my FTP configuration is working as I was able to test it successfully (the directory got created and the test file put on the filesystem). My problem is that I've got "Upload to FTP" checked...
  10. K

    Cant save image page changes

    I saw this in another thread and I dont want to hijack that one. In the config section of my camera I was trying to turn on smart ir and WD and just playing around and it wont save. I did save changing the quality to highest but nothing on the image page. Is this all default when in auto-switch...
  11. J

    Motion only creating jpeg images

    I have setup a new machine with blueiris and multiple different cameras. They all record but only sometimes do they actually make a file that is playable, most times it creates a jpeg image and when I double click on it in the playlist it says "unable to open file" what could i be doing wrong?
  12. S

    Point where motion started

    Am I correct that the point where motion was detected is the very beginning of the video? I am used to the Logitech software that includes some pre-motion video in the image. I forget how many seconds before and after motion is included.
  13. A

    Understanding the differences between folders / post / record / snapshots / databases

    Hello, I am having some (mental) difficulties in understanding the different menu options in BlueIris for my cameras. Currently I have 5 cameras (2 indoor, 3 outdoor) and plan on adding more in the future. After reading the help file quite a bit, I believe I am further confusing myself. It may...
  14. S

    Measure linear response of DS-2CD4032FWD

    Hello, I have question about our Hikvision DS-2CD4032FWD and hope that you can help me. We are using the camera to estimate the relative brightness of a light spot like this one: The problem is that the camera response is not linear, but rather logarithmic to match the brightness...
  15. Overcon

    Camera Image Quality - BI Setting, Camera or Other?

    The problem is, I have two of these Dahua IPC-HFW4300S, purchased from Amazon and different stores and one looks great and one looks horrible. The one that looks good does the proper frame rates and the image is clear. The one that looks horrible will only do 15FPS (according to BI) and the IR...
  16. T

    How to get URL overlay image

    HI to all, and thank you for creating this forum. I use Blue Iris for testing my SrIcam Ap004-e ipcamera. I would like to know if is possible to overlay an url image, directly from web (like in ispy opensource software). thank you. :)