1. Hawk1891

    Infrared Cut Filter IPC-HFW8232E-Z

    Hello, I'm wanting to know if anyone has any knowledge or experience in removing the IR cut filter in a hfw8232e-z I'm wanting to make my hfw8232e-z a full-spectrum camera. I'm a sky watcher and would use it for that purpose. If the ir cut filter is removed would there be any focusing issues...
  2. BobW55

    IPC-HFW8232E-Z Add heater

    Does anyone know if it is possible to add a heater to an existing camera? I do not have a problem with the cold and the electronics, it is to help keep the snow and ice off the main lens. I know I could probably mount it in a heated enclosure, but was hoping there was some soret of internal...
  3. E

    Dahua Ultra 2mp Starlight, 6mp or 12mp camera?

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'd like some help with identifying which cameras to buy. There's a recent string of burglaries around the neighborhood, so I'd like to add another layer deterrent. I repurposed/upgraded an old gaming rig with an Ivy Bridge Xeon to act an NVR and bought a...
  4. nayr

    Dahua Ultra Starlight Varifocal Bullet (IPC-HFW8232E-Z)

    I present the Ultra 1/1.9" Starlight Bullet, when you need the absolute best in low light performance, damned the cost. Unlike the EcoSavvy Starlights this is a BIG sensor version.. most people suck at fractions so let me put this into decimal for you: 1/2.8" = 0.357in and 1/1.9" = 0.526in...