lorex 4k camera system

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    3rd party Cloud storage for Lorex.

    so I was helping a friend out installing a Lorex LNK 7108 system mainly because he wanted to have 30 day cloud storage thru Lorex. Well install went fine but he paid for the cloud storage and apparently it’s not working for customers with this system. Having trouble finding 3rd party companies...
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    Lorex nvr 6100x

    ive been reading the forums for a while now since purchasing this kit and the lorex system is terrible. It’s all installed over Poe etc but is there anything I can do to change it without spending a lot more. Are there better apps or ability to overwrite the nvr software...
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    Hello from Philly

    I am in market for 12-16 4K-2K Cameras with 16 Channel NVR for newly acquired bar/restaurant in Philly downtown . I read a lot here about Dahua cameras but not sure if it will fit within my budget. I also plan to hire professional to install rather than taking up big task myself. I am...
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    Lorex LNB9232 and LNB9272

    I am new to the forum and did not see a post about these two camera models (Lorex LNB9232 and LNB9272). For better or worse, I am going with a Lorex system (along with a couple Dahua Starlight cameras from Andy) for my property and wanted a mix of varifocal and fixed lens cameras. What I did not...