1. bimbombum

    How to capture clear frames of fast moving objects?

    I am working on a computer vision use case for which I need to capture images of boxes that are moving quite fast and then identify them. Boxes have text and images on them so for my computer vision model to identify them the frames that I capture from the video need to be crystal clear. Right...
  2. chris_19

    Dahua API and Relative Camera Movement

    According to the Dahua API spec 1.67, the following should cause the camera to pan relatively 100* However, it results in: Error Bad Request! A little digging shows a JS method named...
  3. T

    BI won't stop recording after movement stops

    Howdy, First time BI4 user. Using a single Hikvision DC2 camera. I have motion/trigger enabled, object size set to where it triggers as I would like, but I'm finding the video continues to be recorded, sometimes for minutes on end even though the camera view window no longer has a blue or red...
  4. B

    Alert triggered only within hot spot or smaller detection zone within a camera

    Hi all, I am new to Blue Iris so I may have missed something, but does anyone know if it is possible to set up alerts (specifically for mobile push notifications) to trigger only when a certain area of a camera is triggered? I am aware of hot spots and masking zones, but I am talking about...