multicam set up

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    Wanted: BI Paid Consultant/Advisor

    Hi I am new to IP security, but have read a lot and am experienced in IT and DIY, however do not have the time right now to do my own full setup. Thus, i am looking for someone to work with on a paid basis to assist and/or fully implement the design/setup/implementation of my BI configuration...
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    Advice for 50 cam Server

    I'm currently tasked with upgrading/gradually replacing the IP Cam system at work. We have two Q-See NVRs with 42 Q-See cameras. Yes, I hate it. I'm looking for advice on hardware and software to use as a replacement. My plan is to get hardware that will support about 20 cameras to start, but...
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    Push notifications work on 1 camera, not on 2nd - tried everything!

    Greetings everyone, I'm relatively new to IP cameras and have learned lots while tinkering with my 2 new toys, but I've also come across a road block that I can't clear on my own. I have the following cameras: DS-2CD2335-I w/ V5.3.3 build 150803 (garage) DS-2CD2542FWD-IS w/ V5.3.8 build...
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    Blue Iris 2 cam...1 wont record

    I have a set up on my new Blue Iris controlled cam detects motion and records clips as it should....the second wont record and show clips on the left clip list. It worked fine recording on a previous program... Im thinking I didnt configure something correctly?? Any...