nelly's security

  1. Tuckerdude

    GoSwift 4K Bullet - Buyer Beware (Nelly's Security)

    Hey folks.... I normally don't try to trash on companies especially when I've had good history with them. But, I've gone through all the proper channels and not received any response so I'm here to do my part to prevent others from wasting their money. About 3 months ago, Nelly's Security...
  2. J

    HikVision/Nelly Security NVR Scrubbing Issue

    Hello, I have an NSN-7324k-16p NVR with several 208 Bullet cameras at my home. I am having an issue scrubbing video with the mouse and I am not sure what the reason is or how to fix it. I figured I would upload a video of the issue here to see if anyone recognizes the issue and perhaps may...
  3. Ottomatik

    NSC-DB1 Onvif Compatible Wifi Doorbell Blue Iris Setup

    Hello, I have tried multiple times, multiple different ways with the the auto inspection and manual input. I cannot get the settings correct to get the NSC-DB1 to work with Blue Iris. Does anyone have a guide on how to get this up and running
  4. C

    Blue Iris and my current NVR

    I tried searching, but came up with nothing. I have a few questions about BI and my current NVR. I have a system from Nelly's Security. 16 camera Hikvision NVR with 4 cameras currently working perfectly and recording to 2 4TB purple drives I installed. The NVR is in a closet and I look at the...
  5. RyanODan

    IPCT Members Only Promo!

    To get your discount code: 1. Register on IPCT as a member 2. Register an account at Nellys Security 3. Email your IPCT username and your Nellys Information to 4. Once I receive your email I'll reply with your discount code 5. Checkout and save! (This code is a...