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    NVMS Alternative?

    Good day all, Currently my team is using 5 physical TVT NVRs (with plans to acquire more, we have and are getting a LOT of cameras). In order for us to grant users access to cameras spanning across all those NVRs, we're currently using NVMS-1000 v. to basically collate all the...
  2. L

    NVR or PC w/Blue Iris? (Record, Snapshot, Mobile App, View Live Cams from Desktop)

    I'm wondering if someone can help me identify some of the pros and cons of using an NVR versus building a PC and using Blue Iris. I have a few things I would like to be able to do and am hoping you guys can help me decide which is my best option. I currently have the following IP cameras: 11...
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    High FPS displayed within Blue Iris like NVMS/iVMS?

    I am looking at purchasing Blue Iris, but have some questions before I decide to do so. Summary / Current Problem: I have been an iSpy user in the past and have had my 11 Foscams configured to take screenshots on movement detection (stored locally). I have the iSpy application being displayed...