1. M

    Poe+ (at) compatibility

    Dear all, I have an hikvision nvr Ds-7604ni-se/p which supports Poe (af) and wanted to add a camera hwp-n4225ih-de(b) which requires poe+ (at) I think that my nvr won't be able as per descriptions to use the camera. Is there anything I can to? I was wondering to use an external poe+ power...
  2. Q

    Extern access to POE cams

    Hi there I have some POE cams linked to a POE NVR. My issue : I can't get to the cams configuration page if I am not also linked to the POE switch. Is there any way to configure the cam or the NVR to solve this issue? Thanks! Quentin
  3. Bara1980

    Which epoe cable to chose

    I have nvr5216-16p-i /l and 9 poe camera berween 6mp and 8mp which poe cable i should use to connect the cameras to nvr. Max distance of cable is 40m for Indoor use only.
  4. Alexandre Martins

    NVR DS-7108NI-Q1 / M RTSP get picture

    Hi, I'm trying to capture image from cameras that are already being shared by RTSP. How do I get only one preview of each camera? I tried multiple URLs: http://user:pass@ip/ISAPI/Streaming/channels/102/picture?snapShotImageType=JPEG http://user:pass@ip/ISAPI/Streaming/Channels/102/picture...
  5. C

    Recommend video security setup

    I am building a house and closing end of next month. I have pre-wired for 9 cameras around house and garage. If I put anything inside, I will just run wireless cameras. I have always said I would get Lorex but I know there are so many experts here who could provide better guidance than my...
  6. A

    Automatically setup NVR

    I was thinking of this idea. to set up a NVR automatically. Let's say 1. Motion to all camera if not set - 2. Sending NTP server Info Including DST 3. Setting Email Server 4. Get info on Storage. 5. Set time format. 6. Point is whatever we can add lets add to the API All this should be done...
  7. S

    How do I extend my Ethernet cable 520ft to my NVR

    I have a nvr that I need to get internet to that is 520ft away with an underground cat 5e cable. I purchased a POE extender but it did not work. I do not have the ability to plug something in, halfway in the field. I was told I need and EPOE injector but I can not find one. I need to go...
  8. C

    Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P blinking green power light/blinking red LED on motherboard.

    Hello fellow security camera techies. I own one Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P NVR which works great. I purchased a 2nd Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P used. However the 2nd one won't boot up. Upon plugging it in and flipping on the back switch, the front panel "power" LED blinks. Upon opening the...
  9. Bizentech

    Need help configuring button press and mobile push notif of DS-KV6113 connected to Hikvision NVR PoE

    Hello all, I am fairly proficient configuring the nvr and the cameras as well as configuring the schedule/motion/line crossing settings, but connecting the Doorbell button press and push notification to phone just confuses me. I can get the video feed to work no problem, but when button is...
  10. Bara1980

    Nvr difererence

    What difference between this 2 models dahua nvr5216-16p-i and dahua nvr5216-16p-i /l?
  11. V

    SOLVED - Need help with integration of Pakedge/Lilin camera with Hikvision NVR

    I am struggling with the integration of some Pakedge/Lilin CK-CAM-TU652 cameras with the Hikvison NVR DS-7608NXI-I2 / 8P/S. I try to add with ONVIF but nothing happens. All I get is "Offline(Network Abnormal)" I have enabled ONVIF under Network -> Advanced Settings -> Integration Protocol. Im...
  12. A

    Annke NVR won’t recognise cameras

    Hi. I have an Annke N46NPK 16 channel NVR - I am unsuccessful in adding cameras to the NVR. My IT guy cannot work it out either. We can get cameras (Onvif) to connect to the network via a Poe switch and then can view them through the nvr monitor but nvr cannot recognise camera either by plug n...
  13. H

    Upgrading my surveillance system

    in case of upgrading my surveillance system to get rid of all my 8 NVR TO one equipment. which equipment should i use. is the hikvision blazer pro all in one is the best choice alone or i need to use hikvision NVR with 128 channel along the blazer pro thanks in advance
  14. abhinandan

    Access Hikvision NVR PoE Cameras via WiFi

    Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to access the individual camera IPs (192.168.254.XXX) for RTSP streaming via a Wifi Connection to the same router as the one the NVR is connected to. As of now, the NVR was on a different subnet because of the LAN connection, but I managed to tweak...
  15. AveryFreeman

    Does Dahua NVR make the phone app work any better?

    Hey, I'm just curious if anyone who has the Dahua NVR has noticed if having an NVR gives the phone app better functionality/new features vs using it directly with cameras? Specifically - I've noticed Hikvision IVMS-4500 and Milestone phone apps both have multiple live feeds when you first open...
  16. AveryFreeman

    Looking for similar features to Wyze cameras in a conventional Camera+NVR setup

    Hey, So I have this friend, he really likes his Wyze cameras, mainly because they're cheap, easy to stick up + move, and he really likes the software's features Problem is, he's got like 50 of them on his Wifi, and they're starting to cause issues with some of his portable credit card machines...
  17. J

    Nexxt NVR ports don't turn on (green LED) for Dahua Poe cameras

    I have a Nexxt NVR unit (Xpy 1280-HD) with 8-channels and it comes packaged with 4 PoE cameras. Used it for a few months. Now I bought 4 more PoE cameras from Dahua (a totally different company/brand). model: Dahua IPC-HFW2439S-SA-LED-S2: IPC-HFW2439S-SA-LED-S2 They don't seem to power on at...
  18. maicol07

    Help with external NVR cameras URL

    Hi, I have an Herospeed NVR with several cameras attached through PoE ports. I can see all the cameras via the NVR web interface but I wouold like to setup them in another LAN app via HTTP, RTSP or ONVIF. I've tried some URLs found online but none worked. Do you know what I can use to do this or...
  19. E

    UNV NVR camera network

    I recently bought a UNV NVR for my home and 8 UNV IP cameras. The UNV NVR is putting the cameras on the network. My main home network however uses network. Is there any reason to put the cameras on the same network or would leaving them on an entirely different network...
  20. wopi82

    Review of Dahua NVR5208-8P-4KS2E + Dahua HFW7842H-Z cooperation

    I hate to hear my recorded voice. And my spoken language really sucks. Just turn down the volume if you can't stand it ;)
  21. I

    What NVR for Dahua TiOC cameras (ideally with live backup to Synology NAS)

    Hi all, I have six cameras, two on the main house and four on an outbuilding. Mix of: Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3549H-AS-PV WizSense TiOC Grey Outdoor HD PoE Turret IP Camera w/ 2.8mm Lens, 30m Full Colour, Audio & Alarm (5 MP) Dahua DH-IPC-HFW3549T1-AS-PV WizSense TiOC Outdoor HD PoE Bullet IP Camera...
  22. aPpLeS

    Legit hikvision nvr to suit Australian region?

    Hi guys, I'm hoping to buy this nvr off ebay. New in the box. One photo is the label on the box and the another underneath the nvr. Just need the green light from you knowledgeable peeps. Really appreciate the help. Thank you
  23. G

    Connecting Wyze V2 via RTSP to Lorex NVR

    I have an 8 channel Lorex kit featuring a N841 NVR and 4 E891AB cameras. Considering I have 4 open slots left in my NVR and I have a few Wyze V2 cams around I decided to try and use RTSP to forward the stream to my Lorex NVR. I was able to successfully do this by going to my Lorex settings...
  24. Bizentech

    Mac User (and most clients are)... Cannot view live stream, full screen, via web page (chrome, safari, firefox, etc) Hikvision NVR

    Hello all, I have tried everything to help my clients view their video feed via the web page. It actually works when viewing all cameras at once on sub stream. but the moment they select just one camera and "blow it up" full screen, sub or main, all is seen is a gray screen and no video...
  25. Jb2644

    Amcrest NVR with other brands

    I wish I’d discovered this site before building my security system. Thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge. I was wondering if anyone has experience with using non-Amcrest cameras on their Amcrest NVR. I have 3 Amcrest POE cameras, 2 smart home Amcrest + the Amcrest doorbell, and...
  26. O

    Needing a quick answer please. Sorry for such a question

    I need an 8 channel nvr with hard drive installed and 4 good dome cameras POE. can anyone recommend a good all around setup for $800-$1000. Ive read and read and so many brands and many seem the same 4k looks good but is it more practical to get more 1080 cameras that are cheaper to cover more...
  27. S

    Newbie question - Is it sensible to use an NVR for recording images from remote IP Cameras or should I use an alternative method?

    Apologies in advance for asking such a simple question but I have 5 Hikvision cameras at different remote sites all with different (No-ip) IP addresses and I'd like to store any images off site. I have iVMS-4500 and Hik-Connect on my Android phone as well as iVMS-4200 Client on my PC...
  28. Bizentech

    Having trouble using AXIS protocol on NVR

    Hello all, I am having trouble using the AXIS camera protocol on a Hikvision NVR (newest firmware) I can get the axis camera to work using the ONVIF protocol, but since the camera is a fisheye, I need to capture the panoramic stream which is the second stream. If I try using stream/channel...
  29. S

    Need to replace Qsee NVR. Suggestions please!

    Hi, I have a QSEE system (KBCN1.1 NVR with 4 5MP bullet cameras). Since QSEE shut its shop, I am unable to view camera recordings remotely so want to get the NVR replaced. Could someone share some cheap alternatives? Also is it possible to install someone else's firmware and keep using it...
  30. J

    Servicing systems

    Hello all new guy here. My question is this, why am I seeing such a ridiculously high return for service tickets coming across my desk? Ive installed DVRs and NVRs for a few years now but ever since dalhua and Hikvision have come around it seems like my phone rings two to three times a day...