1. Cameranthropos

    Which NVR would you recommend from the below?

    Hello everyone! New to home security world and forum. I'm trying to build a security camera system for my home. I don't need more than 4 cameras and the front side one will be 4K, they will be connected to my PoE switch, so i don't need a PoE integrated NVR. From the 3 listed (available in...
  2. C

    Hikvision 8MP PoE Kit Thoughts

    I'm thinking of replacing my 8 year old Swann (rebadged Hikvision) NVR and cameras from Costco with a 4k Hikvision NVR kit from bhphoto, but there I can't find any reviews or even that much information about it online. I'm comfortable using the HikConnect app and am not worried about the Chinese...
  3. F

    NVR losing static IP-address

    Dear all, After some search on several forums I am not able to find an explanation why the NVR is losing it's static IP-address. The NVR is a: DHI-NVR2104HS-P-4KS2. What i've done so far: set static IP-address manually and directly on the NVR using USB keyboard and mouse ( Make...
  4. itsisaf

    Dahua NVR custom DDNS server

    Hi, I am currently working on my own DDNS service and Dahua NVR. I have created an endpoint on my server that exposes a simple HTTP endpoint that listens for GET/POST requests and updates subdomain records. everything till here is working fine. I am adding this endpoint to dahua nvr DDNS...
  5. C

    Hikvision 16 port PoE options

    MY church's NVR just went out. Looks to be an and power supply, but it's going to take over a month to get here if we just replace that. What is a good, reasonably priced, replacement for the 16 port poe NVR. All Hikvision cameras.
  6. C

    Looking for a New NVR

    Current System: One Hikvision DS-7608NI-Q2/8P NVR Five Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-L Cameras Looking to replace my current system due to age and also because it has developed a new bug that I don’t want to deal with anymore. Last one started occurring a week ago where the system appears to...
  7. C

    Camera Model Opinions

    Was curious to see who would like to help me figure out IP Camera Model types for the design shown below. Looking to Run off an NVR and only hard wire PoE cameras will be use. Going to be purchasing everything from EmpireTech, so only Dahua models. The Green West camera is just an overview of a...
  8. Kitsos

    SriHome NVS001 – forgot device password, cannot reset to factory settings

    Hello all, Let me first say that I have browsed some relevant threads in this forum, but I have reached a dead end. I am aware that my NVR (NVS001 - WebArchive) is low quality, but I want to make one last attempt to make use of it before researching for a Hikvision or a Dahua. Recently, I...
  9. A

    Is it possible to connect a driveway beam alarm to a NVR via I/O's

    Hi all, I would like to try and integrate a driveway beam alarm with an IP camera and NVR to create a bit of a security system in my yard to see what cars enter my property. I have bought the driveway beam alarm in the following link: 1B-60 Wireless Driveway Beam Alarm | Ultra Secure Direct |...
  10. U

    Can't open device config in SmartPSS with some Dahua devices

    Hi all! I'm getting the following error when trying to manage some Dahua NVR devices in SmartPSS under the "Device CFG" option. I can perfectly connect and view to all my IP Cameras through the Live View and Playback sections, but when I try to enter or change any parameter under "Device CFG"...
  11. M

    DIY: NVR - Hardware Recommendations?

    I want to build a NVR by myself.It should be for up to 8 cameras, software will be Agent DVR. Important for me are the tracking, motion detection and AI functions. This means either CUDA or google coral is necessary. As this system could also be a NAS, 2 SSDs will be built in. Which hardware and...
  12. A

    Hikvision IPcamera with RPI 4 as NVR

    Hi, I'm very new in this scene and forum, I'm trying to setup my very first IP camera for my home (outdoor). I'm planning to get a Hikvision DS-2CD2043G2-I(2.8mm) with TP-Link TL-SG1005P POE switch and setup scrypted NVR on my Raspberry PI 4B. I understand that Dahua is the most recommended...
  13. B

    Assistance with setting up Hikvision IP cameras. Possible configuration Issues.

    Good day folks. I set up a hikvision NVR more than a year ago. Some time last year one of the cameras suddenly stopped working. Today I went to the site where the cameras were installed and was working before. I removed the cameras and manually reset them and I am trying to add them back to the...
  14. S

    Direct Camera to PC not working via Ethernet onvif 2.4 complain Pan Tilt ip camera ( Care Cam ).

    I recently bought a chinese Wifi PT camera branded as CareCam (Model No. WIFI-TF-PTX (10X)). There is a dedicated app for the camera known as carecampro on playstore which works fine. Camera can also be connected to PC via WIFI or rj45 cable using a wifi router . I want to connect this camera to...
  15. A

    Timecode issues on my NVR

    I have a Lorex system and when I set it up it each of the four cameras has a different time. As I watch the live display, I see the main system timer and then the individual timecodes on each camera differs by 1 or even 2 seconds. I exported .mp4 video from this system and I am trying to solve a...
  16. J

    NVR Showing on SADP but not Viewable through Browser or IVMS

    I had a call from a customer recently to say the she was having issues with Playback, I attended 2 days later and the HDD symbol was solid red on the front of the NVR (So I was assuming this was a Hard drive Issue), but also in the meantime, she had lost display on the Local Monitor. I tried...
  17. S

    HDD vs SSD in CCTV

    I was wondering if I use SSD instead of HDD in my NVR would it will give me more crispy video footage as writing speed increases in SSD. Asking this because I observe the live preview in my NVR is much more sharper than the recorded preview from storage. The camera setting is highest (Video...
  18. M

    Pimp or upgrade hikvision DVR/NVR?

    Is there any experience in adding more RAM or a faster CPU to an hikvision DVR/NVR?
  19. V

    Swann NVR 16-8580 bricked while updating firmware

    I had pushed a firmware update from homesafeview app on my cellphone ad next thing I see is NVR is stuck on Swann logo. Tried all troubleshooting I can but no go. Tried to connect NVR with Hikvision TFTP and using IP as and no, it doesnt work. Cant even connect camera with TFTP...
  20. B

    How to connect ZKTeco camera to dahua NVR

    Hi! I am new to this world and I just bought my first NVR (Dahua DHI-NVR1108HS-8P-S3/H), when buying the cameras, the seller sold me 2 ZKTeco cameras and told me the NVR and the cameras where compatible. Fast foward a month and I cannot for the life of me cannot successfully add the cameras to...
  21. N

    Dahua face detection after update

    Dahua face detection option gone after nvr (dhi-nvr4104hs-p-4ks2/l) and (dh-ipc-hdw3549hp-as-pv) camera update the opition was there before the update and working i cannot get it back after multiple different manual updates any help woud be appreciated
  22. Z

    Underwater camera set up

    Hi everyone, newbie here although I have visited the site before. Ive been doing a lot of underwater photography with gopros and have played around with mobile car NVRs and DIY cameras but my next project is to use an IP camera to film under water. I have purchased a 5mp Barlus underwater IP...
  23. P

    Motion detect recording starts too late

    Hey guys, been at this problem for days now so I think it's time to ask for help :) I implemented a dahua setup at a guy's place containing a dahua nvr (v4) and 11 dahua ip cams. Most cams are on the LAN, a few directly at the nvr poe ports. I've setup simple MD. A few weeks ago the guy rang...
  24. S

    Adding NVR/IPC to Dahua VTH

    I have a standalone VTO & VTH all working fine on the same range as my router, how do you add the NVR IPC’s to the VTH considering the Dahua NVR has a different subnet of 10.1.1.X. Do the IPC’s need to be removed from the NVR switch and connected to a POE switch and set ipc network to the same...
  25. K

    Isolation from internet.

    I'm sorry If this has been asked a million times before, my memory is not great due to a disability its the medication that causes the issues for a spinal degenerative issue so any help would be great. I saw recent a CVE about the new variant of the Mirai botnet being aware my NVR was not...
  26. ibininja

    initializing IP cams in xiongmai nvrs

    Any idea how to initialize ip cameras (like dahua) on a xiongmai nvr? I bought the nvr off Aliexpress. but finding a hard time initializing camera in it. any direction on how to do that?
  27. A

    7608NXI-I2/8P/S Vs 7608NI-M2/8P

    I'm putting together the configuration for my setup and need some advice on which NVR to go with my new Hybrid Colorvu 8mp Turrets. I am getting 4 of the DS-2CD2387G2H-LIU hybrid Colorvu turrets and was recommended the 7608NI-M2/8P for those cameras but I really like the Acusense AI features...
  28. C

    Dahua old 16 channel NVR with 2017 firmware and new SmartPSS

    Sorry, being lazy here, just decided to try installing latest release SmartPSS, I know, I know!!! stupid idea with an old 16 channel NVR. Now, it picks up cameras and NVR, no previous recordings showing and when accessing NVR config, just one camera shows up!! is this expected and should I...
  29. nomee

    Hikvison NVR 256 Channel: Model DS-96256NI

    i have HIKVISION DS-96256NI-I24/H NVR when i access a NVR in Chrome browser with admin login and allow a specific camera Remote live view permission to user settings not save but when i try physical on NVR its fine save and permission allow to user whats is the issue onyone help me please
  30. N

    Dead lechange nk88p042, what now?

    Hello! My neighbors house was struck by lightning and it killed my lechange NVR NK88P042 (exact model in link below). My NVR won't boot from boot screen so I think it's dead. I never liked lechange. I bought it because it had decent cameras and was cheap at the time. I could never get remote...