1. AveryFreeman

    Dahua NVR5432-4KS2 vs NVR608-32-4KS2 - what's the diff?

    Hi, So I'm helping a friend upgrade their system at their restaurant and get into some IP cameras. Right now they have an old Hikvision DVR but they will need an NVR for the IP cameras. He prefers hardware units, so BI, SmartPSS, Milestone, etc. not what we're looking at. I'm trying to...
  2. R

    No sound from NVR to the TV connected via HDMI

    i have NVR connected from POE, the POE is connected to HikVision 4 MP IR Fixed Mini Dome IP Camera DS-2CD2545FWD-IS F2.8, my problem is i am not getting sound from the TV connected to NVR through an HDMI code
  3. IpCamEnthusiast

    Adding Storage by installing new hard drives into NVR

    Hi, I have a situation where I need 90 days of storage for 25 cameras at 720p and 10 fps. My best idea right now is to use two 16 channel NVRs and open them up and install two 8 TB hard drives into each NVR. I already have the Lorex equipment so for better or worse I need to use Lorex. As far...
  4. R

    Help need in deleting the IP Camera's on a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P

    HI I recently purchased a secondhand Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P online and seller is unable to share the password for IP cameras that were previously installed on the machine. I have tried factory resetting the machine and been unsuccessful. I desperately need some help in deleting those...
  5. T

    Help required! Amcrest IP8M-T2499EB-28MM) with 3rd party NVR?

    Guys, hey. I hope you can help with this.. I have 2x Amcrest 4k 8MP IP8M-T2499EB-28MM. I need an NVR for it and I don’t which NVR would support it. (Amcrest NVR is out of the options)
  6. U

    Sporadic "Can not find the network host" for all cameras on QC826

    Hello, We have a (Dahua) Q-See QC826 NVR with 8x Q-See QCN8093B cameras. The system is not plugged into our home network, we just have it connected to the TV via HDMI as well as a USB mouse. Sporadically we have been having all video feeds drop out, and the only message shown on the screen is...
  7. M

    ACTI NVR not responding after power outages

    I installed four ACTI security cameras a few years ago. Yesterday we had 6, short-duration power outages. When I checked the camera system, the NVR's blue LED power indicator was flashing. There was no signal from the NVR's HDMI port nor could the NVR be accessed from our Home LAN. Can anyone...
  8. I


    Hi guys, I bought a Suneyes kit (NVR+4 CAMERAS) 3 years ago but I'm struggling to find the below data because of the Suneyes webite is not available : last sw/firmware for Camera and NVR I have the Android app file to control the CAMERAS and NVR (it is an apk file) but it is not working on my...
  9. J

    Trouble with wifi ip cameras stuttering. New wired NVR?

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. I have searched everywhere and still can't find a solution. I ordered an 8 camera Wifi cctv system a while ago (it's a chinese one). The only branding I could find on it says it's a Sinye Tech Wifi CCTV camera system. On the cameras itself it only says Model...
  10. M

    ONVIF door camera recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend an ONVIF door camera with a fish eye lens and audio? If it is known to work with GW Security NVR's that is a plus. I've been all over the web and all I can find is cameras that want you to use their cloud service, but I want to use my already existing NVR. :)
  11. majektom

    Dahua NVR5232-16P-4KS2E built-in PoE switch doesn't act like a switch

    Hello good and helpful people, I have a Dahua NVR5232-16P-4KS2E recorder which has a built-in 16 port PoE switch. Apart from IP cameras, I want to connect to the switch Dahua VTO and Dahua VTH. The problem that I have is that when I connect the VTO and the VTH to NVR switch's ports, they don't...
  12. P

    No Audio on IVMS 4200 with DS-7616NI-I2_16P

    Here I sit, locked down in my house, working on security system bugs, I have 12 recently installed HIK IP cameras (with microphone) connected to an HIK NVR with up to date firmware. I want to be able to listen to audio with the video on the IVMS 4200 live and remote playback tabs. I can see...
  13. 0x_0

    *SOLVED* Swann NVR softbricked after firmware update - Currently on uBoot console

    Good day all, Last week I went ahead and tried to perform a firmware update on my Swann NVR (SWNVR-87285H). The firmware failed to update and the system hung. After an hour, it rebooted and halts on the loading page. Oh dear. I've contacted support a number of times, and they've been no help...
  14. Epatix

    Dahua nvr2108 telnet

    Does anyone know how to connect Dahua nvr2108hs-8p-s2 via telnet Firmware : 3.205.0 build 2017-10-13 When I scan the open ports on my nvr I don't have telnet 23 open (see nmap result below) Nmap scan report for Dahua_NVR ( Host is up (0.0045s latency). Not shown: 65531 closed...
  15. J

    Should I leverage this Dahua NVR?

    Hi guys I have 4 Dahua IP cameras and a Dahua NVR (NVR4108 - 8P - 4kS2 2T) I also have 5 Hikvision IP cameras to that I used to use with my computer + Blue Iris I want to install some extra cameras and combine the some of the hikvisions and Dahua's Option 1 is to not use the Dahua NVR and...
  16. tristandrews

    QC826 with QCN8068BA Camera's - Not recording, doesn't detect motion

    Hi all, I hope this is the correct place to post this... Anyways, my work bought a building and it came with a QC826 NVR and about 10 QCN8068BA cameras. We found out recently that nothing has been recorded by the cameras or NVR. The NVR said that there was 0 free space, however, the footage on...
  17. Mark_M

    Worth it? - DS-7608NI-E2/8P

    Short story; an auction site has a DS-7608NI-E2/8P for a $1 reserve. I see in the datasheet that this is 8 ports but can only decode those 8ch at 720p. I'm guessing that I would only get to run about 3 cameras at 4mp with it...
  18. W

    little direction on remote ipcam and local nvr

    all equipment mentioned in the scenario below are uniview products, currently on part 2 of an install of cameras for a client which require the following part one was two PoE IP cameras at the clients home with a NVR works flawless. part two is a single camera installed directly on the...
  19. U

    ALPR for home street - need advice to choose the right NVR

    I live in a small village that was pretty unknown to the folks until new houses were built. New buildings seems to be also attractive to thefts, because they have already broke into one of them just a month ago and it is not so rare any more to see unknown vehicle looking around at houses at...
  20. U

    HIKvision NVR alternative

    Hi fellow ipcamtalkers. I spent some time searching this forum on my subject - found a few leads and suggestions, but none of them seems fit for our purpose: We set up monitoring in 25 stores over the last couple of years, using HIKvision NVR and cams in all of them, and everybody was happy...
  21. MrNaz

    Dahua NVR with switch

    Hi all I am about to deploy my first Dahua system and I have a few questions about how they work. I will be using the NVR 4416. If I have several cameras in a cluster that are a long way off, can I put a small switch near the cameras, so that I only have to run one long cable to the switch and...
  22. M

    Help identifying Dahua OEM NVR from Speco N8NXP

    Hey everyone. I’m trying to find the original Dahua version of the Speco N8NXP NVR. Based on my research, I think it’s the Dahua NVR4208-8P-4KS2. I’ve opened up the NVR and it seems to match identically both inside and on the back ports. I used the pictures on this amazon listing for reference...
  23. Breakrellom

    NVR freezes when I plug in Ethernet

    So, before I start I think I know the answer, and probably the solution, but not the proper or best way to achieve the solution. I have a SANNCE Wireless 8ch1080P NVR, it came with 4 paired 960p cameras, a few weeks back then last week I added a PTZ WiFi ip camera and then a 1080P IP camera...
  24. Y

    How to connect substream via Dahua NVR?

    Hello, I have some issues with coninuesly streaming on a remote device, see topic for further information Continuesly streaming kills Wi-Fi . But i am looking for the option to locally record on maximum resolution and fps, while i am connectiong o a remote device to the substream. I know that...
  25. ermac

    Best practise for time sync

    I am sure this topic has been discussed a few times here, but would like to know what most think the best practise is for syncing Dahua IP cameras' time with a Dahua NVR/XVR's time? Should the NVR/XVR be set to sync with an NTP and each IP camera also set to sync with an NTP in the camera's own...
  26. pasquale.ambrosio

    API Nvr get list of connected cameras

    Dear All, I'm using Dahua http API to know: - the list of cameras conenected to the NVR - start date of recording of single channels For the moment I'dont find any method can help me. Somebody can help me? Thanks in advance
  27. QQQQ

    hikvision nvr DS-7180N-SN/P factory defaults ploblem

    Hi. I am using hikvision's nvr equipment model name DS-7108N-SN / P. I did a factory reset while using the equipment. The device previously supported English as the interface language. But after the factory reset, the only language available is Chinese. The serial number is 528085474. How can I...
  28. H

    Dahua NVR Dual ethernet not workable

    Hi I am using several dahua NVRs for my cctv system. But dual ethernet setting with two lan cable cause NVRs offline or only have recording occasionally. I have to remove 1 LAN to resume normal. The NVR is in fault tolerance mode. If I choose Load balance mode, the NVRs are normal but I need...
  29. K

    Dahua NVR records video from IPC only when I logged in

    Hi everyone I have Dahua NVR4104-P-4kS2 with 3 XM IP cameras, connected to NVR POE ports. They supported ONVIF 2.4.1. My laptop ( connected to NVR LAN port ( Cameras have IP (connected to POE 1-3). NVR has HDD (WD Purple), that was formatted from...
  30. AveryFreeman

    Can Hikvision OEM devices be force-updated vanilla firmware using TFTP?

    Hey, I've been wondering about this and would love to know if anyone's tried it I've updated an old DS-7332-HGHI DVR using the Hikvision TFTP tool with International firmware before just to try it because it was a newer version than the USA firmware. It seemed to work just fine Which makes...