1. etiennebordeauxx

    Replace TRENDNET IP Camera POE Connector

    Anyone familiar with the color coding of Trendnet POE connector? Kindly help me. Thank you in advance. TRENDnet TV-IP320PI Wire Colors ORANGE RED GREEN GRAY YELLOW WHITE PURPLE BLUE BLACK BROWN POE Pigtail Wire Colors THICK BLACK THICK RED THIN BLACK THIN RED BLUE WHITE BLUE GREEN WHITE...
  2. T

    Using ALARM I/O Connection to trigger based on DSC 151 PIR

    Hi Folks, Starting a new thread as this doesn't seem to have been covered anywhere before. My situation: HIKVISION DS-2CD2532F-IWS (with Alarm I/O pigtail) and a DSC 1832 SECURITY SYSTEM WITH DSC 151 MOTION SENSOR The Goal: have the DSC Motion sensor trigger alarm based recording on...