1. IronSheepdog

    Proxmox Windows 10 VM Issues, Video Choppy

    If anyone has experience running Blue Iris on a Windows 10 VM, especially in Proxmox, I would appreciate some help. I had Blue Iris running perfectly on an Intel NUC 8 with an Intel Core i7 8650U and 8GB RAM. Everything was perfect: low CPU usage, low memory usage, video was smooth, etc. Well, I...
  2. IronSheepdog

    Blue Iris on Proxmox Hardware Specs Questions

    I hope I have the right section of this forum for this question. I posted it on Blue Iris' forum, but someone suggested I try the "other forum". I'm guessing they mean this one? Anyway... Right now, I have Blue Iris and Deepstack running on an Intel NUC 8 with a Core-i7 8650U with 8GB of RAM. I...