Is all QuickSync created equal?

    Hello! Looking to build a Windows 10 server for Blue Iris and have some questions. I currently have 2 Dahua IPC-HFW4231B-AS and might buy 2 more cameras but not sure. I have a old PC running a Asrock Q1900 mob with cpu. ASRock > Q1900-ITX On paper it has quicksync and wonder if it can be used...
  2. J

    Blueiris h264 with quicksync vs h265

    Currently I'm just using a big ol un-fancy processor to run my main system. (see my sig). Most all my cameras are now on h265 (although I believe currently, h264 gives a better picture on my hiks, h265 I assume uses less resources so that's what I do if the camera has the option). I'm always...
  3. krp70s

    i7 6900K vs i7 7700k for 30 camera 2 MP to 3 MP setup

    Hi Guys, I have built many 15-17 camera setups with blue iris, direct to disk 1080p @ 30 fps, and still using only 70% CPU on i7 4770k's, and they have been running almost 24/7 since Blue Iris 3 and now to Blue Iris 4, with most of the downtime due to the upgrade in between versions which took...
  4. S

    Quick Sync

    Hi, I have BI over W10E 64bit run as a service, Intel i7 3770 Ivvy Bridge which supports QuickSync (checked in Intel site). I installed latest Intel HD4000 driver 64 bit version15.33.43.4425 for QuickSync purpose and enabled HW acceleration. My CPU varies per motion/recording from 45...