1. roycantos

    How to save recording in FTP and SDCard

    Hi Guys, It seems that there is a limitation with Dahua, you can only select one in destination: sdcard OR ftp OR NAS. How can we save both in FTP and SDCard? Thanks, Roy
  2. Libra Sun

    Need Snapshot URL for TVT-rebranded NVR

    For years I've owned a TVT-based NVR with 1 internal HDD and 4 analog cameras attached to it. Never have I been able to obtain image snapshots without opening the browser and manually clicking a control. I'd like to be able -- if it's at all possible with this model -- to capture JPG snapshots...
  3. T

    How to save BI recording within IE?

    Hello all, I am unable to save a pre-recorded video to a windows desktop when accessing it via Internet Explorer. Windows 10 Pro, using IE11, ActiveX installed When selecting a previous recording then clicking the red record button within IE, it will save a portion of the beginning...
  4. M

    Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I Gaps between recording files

    Hi, I have a Hikvison DS7608NI-I2 8P NVR along with two Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I cameras. I have recently noticed that on one of the cameras that there appears to be gaps in recording. In the attached picture please see the gap between the end of the first ticked file and the start of the second...
  5. K

    Cant save image page changes

    I saw this in another thread and I dont want to hijack that one. In the config section of my camera I was trying to turn on smart ir and WD and just playing around and it wont save. I did save changing the quality to highest but nothing on the image page. Is this all default when in auto-switch...
  6. dk22

    Hikvision Support

    Anybody know how to get support from Hikvison? I bought a DS-2CD3332-I off eBay. Booted it up, reip'd it to my network, changed the password and have locked myself out. Thought I saved the password in my keypass but it didn't save. I followed the guide off...
  7. RyanODan

    IPCT Members Only Promo!

    To get your discount code: 1. Register on IPCT as a member 2. Register an account at Nellys Security 3. Email your IPCT username and your Nellys Information to 4. Once we receive your email we'll reply with your discount code 5. Checkout and save! (This code is a...
  8. O

    How to Save Password in Browser for Hikvision NVR?

    I'm trying to figure out how to make the browser save login/password information for my Hikvision (OEM Dertech) NVR. Unit is the current 8-channel model. No matter what browser I use, I cannot get the system to save the NVR login and password. Chrome saves all of this info for 1-click login to...