1. SvnTwoo

    Dahua N52B2P 8-Channel 4K UHD ePoE NVR and mini dome cams 4k/5mp

    Just wrapped up installing my new Dahua POE setup consisting of two 5mp mini dome cams (N51BL22), a 4k mini dome cam (N84CL52) and an N52B2P NVR. Had to pull my Cat5e to from camera locations to the basement where the NVR would be located, added the wall mount and cleaned up related items...
  2. Crazykiller

    WD Purple vs. Seagate SkyHawk?

    Does anybody have the luck to own both and could compare 'em? I just found an article where the SkyHawk looks pretty good. My NVR will hopefully arrive soon and I can't find a decision which drive to buy...