virtual machine

  1. IronSheepdog

    Proxmox Windows 10 VM Issues, Video Choppy

    If anyone has experience running Blue Iris on a Windows 10 VM, especially in Proxmox, I would appreciate some help. I had Blue Iris running perfectly on an Intel NUC 8 with an Intel Core i7 8650U and 8GB RAM. Everything was perfect: low CPU usage, low memory usage, video was smooth, etc. Well, I...
  2. Mark DC

    Blue iris video lag on uNraid Windows 10 Pro virtual machine

    Setup: I currently run Blue Iris on a dedicated Dell Optiplex 7890 (Win10 Pro, Core i5, 8gb ram) with 7 Amcrest POE and 3 Amcrest wifi cameras. The video lag when I access the server from my phone or PC/Mac is minimal and unnoticeable (a small fraction of a second). When I export the same blue...
  3. Miles@Shire

    Amazon Web Services

    Has anyone experience using an AWS virtual machine for BI rather than a dedicated PC at the camera location? I have two geographically separated areas I must monitor. Not only would a VM be more convenient, it would also save me from standing up and maintaining two PCs. Thanks.
  4. I

    VM / Multiple BI instances

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with installing multiple instances/licenses of BI on the same machine. My current box is running 12 3mp cams @20fps and I’m pulling <30% cpu usage. I want to run a second instance and add an additional 12 cams. Thanks.