1. G

    Vivotek and Hikvision

    How do I activate a VIVOTEK IB9360-H so that it is recognized by the HIKVISION DS-7604NL-K1-4P?
  2. B

    Need Help With Public View Monitor

    Hey Guys, Just purchased a Wren Solutions PVM Model PVM-10_-B-2082-RB from Ebay. Supposedly Brand new. From the onboard software it is a rebranded Vivotek EM8362 Unit and was configured for a Large Retailer. Can anyone shed some light on how i woulfd configure this unit for my own useage...
  3. V

    Help Setting Up PTZ Camera From Vivint/Alarm (Vivotek ADC-V620PT)

    Hello there, Hoping to seek the guidance of helpful members of ipcamtalk :) While cleaning for the New Year, I found an old Vivint camera which was not being used. I decided to hook it up and see if I could access the camera via the IP. Turned out there was a login/password requirement - but...
  4. P

    No Audio in Blue Iris - Works Fine in Web GUI

    Hi All, New forum member here, and new to security cameras in general. Just dipped my toes in a couple of months ago. I've got an analog camera and mic feeding into a Vivotek VS8100-v2 video server. Video into BI is ok, but I'm not hearing any audio from the feed. When I access the Vivotek...
  5. Betablocker

    Comparison Fisheye for outdoor use: HIKVISION vs. VIVOTEK

    First of all, it's nice that I found the forum. Thanks first and greetings to all users. I'm a little unsure about which camera to use. It's about: DS-2CD63C2F-I(V)(S) - Hikvision Europe vs. FE9391-EV - Fisheye Network Camera - VIVOTEK 1. The camera is for live streaming on a website and it...
  6. N

    Vivotek FD8154V Bad Image

    This camera is less then 3 years old and all of a sudden the image is grainy and has pinkish color. Anyone know what part of the camera is bad. Visually inspected the board and camera lens and see no components that look bad from heat. I have seen this issue on laptops and reheating the gpu...
  7. Ryan McClure

    Hikvision NVR + Vivotek Fisheye ??

    I have used Vivotek cams on a Hikvision NVR before. It works well for the most part, except the motion feature either doesn't work at all, or is WAY too sensitive (not that big a deal, just leave it sensitive). I really like all of the Vivotek Fisheye cams. Their aesthetics are more appealing...
  8. bkhansen

    Vivotek -> Why live view in NVR is 705x576 when camera is 2048x1536?

    Hi. I have a Vivotek NVR ND8322P. I have severals cameras connected but i have an issue with one cam: HIK Vision DS-2cd2732F-IS On the live view on the NVR i can only see 705x576 - but on the app, for instance, i can choose 705x576 OR 2048x576 ... Why can i not choose that on the NVR? Thanks...
  9. D

    Vivotek vast

    Currently trying to install a System of 12 VIvotek Cameras with Vast. At the moment i am able to define as a savetarget my synology Nas shared folder. But the cameras semm to only record if VAST is running on a client. Is it impossible to run Vvivotek Cameras with VAST in a setup where...
  10. R

    Vivotek IP8332-C can't remove the end cap

    Hi, I have a Vivotek IP8332-C which was installed outside for about 6 months. I've taken it down and I can't open it. The end cap is seized onto the barrel and I wonder if someone had any idea for how I can unscrew it. I have grips and grippers but the barrel/cap is too large to get the...
  11. R

    Wrong Presets Configurations

    This is the camera I have: An IP camera Vivotek PD8136 . It is connected trough internet. It wasn´t possible to find the driver for this camera. The one that let me have signal was another similar Vivotek RTSP / HTTP PTZ was enabled using Vivotek PZ7131 At main page I have PTZ control, but...