1. Monocle

    Monocle: View IP Cameras with Alexa (Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, Fire Tablet)

    Hello IPCamTalk members, I just wanted to introduce a new service and Alexa integration skill named Monocle. Monocle is a gateway service that enables seamless integration of your private IP-based network cameras with smart home automation services such as Amazon Alexa®. Monocle enables you...
  2. P

    does PTZ (onvif) camera support 3rd party softwares?

    Hi all, i wanted to know if Trinetra, ZVision, Sricam or DkVision cameras can be opened in 3rd party software. i went through reviews, i guess its closed system camera, so it work only in the software that manufacturer provide . i'm wondering if i can get the streaming path/http URL (for PTZ...
  3. Z

    Hikvision DS-2CD2642FWD-IS audio

    I got this Hikvision http://www.hikvision.com/us/Products_1_10534_i7722.html, English version, firmware version: V5.3.8 I got the same mic in the attached picture. I got this cheap mic to practice, if it works I will get a nicer one if needed. I cut both end cables on the mic and connected the...