2 Lan IP cameras on Access Point

Discussion in 'Alarm & Security Systems' started by jiro, Aug 1, 2016.

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  1. jiro

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    Aug 1, 2016
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    I am new to IP surveillance and have two lan IP cams and one wifi IP cam. I would like to know if it's possible to "upgrade" the two cable IP cams to wifi by connecting them to one or two access points/repeaters or a wifi router. I do not know much about access points and repeaters so please excuse my ignorance.

    I basically want to avoid to install two cables from inside my house to the outdoor cameras. The outdoor cameras would be about 10m apart and the distance to the house is about 20 meters.

    My idea is to connect the indoor wifi cam and a synology disk station to a wifi router in my house. The other two outdoor IP cams would be connected via lan cable to a second outdoor router or access point (maybe even one for each camera?) which in turn connects to the router inside my house. Is this possible and how would I have to configure it, i.e. in which mode would I have to run the outdoor router (router, access point, repeater)?

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    Changing from wired to wireless is a downgrade not an upgrade..

    Wireless is not for Security Cameras, its for WebCameras.. you need something with stable, and consistent throughput to ensure reliability required for security use.. Wireless cannot provide this, but wires do.

    When recording remotely that network connection has to be 100% reliable without any hiccups or your feed drops, also since they are transmitting constantly non-stop they also destroy the airwaves for all other wireless devices, including those that are really wireless.

    If you cannot pull cables, look into power line networking.. its much better than WiFi for Security use and your camera has to get power from a wire one way or another.
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