After Migration to BI 5 , Profile set to schedule instead of hold


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Jan 6, 2015
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So I had a geofence based profile switching where it says to hold one of the profile when inside geofence and another if out of it.

Seems to be there in settings. It switches as well, but in the moblie app shows that it is the schedule/temp (Green clock icon) instead of hold (pause)..

and then after 8 or so hours it looses that profile as the default schedule finishes.

Is this some setting I need to do or fix in addition in BI5 ? I can see in the geofence enter/exit setting there is an additional "Profile" line with 0-7 showing there.. Do I need to select something there? I already have "Set Profile" ticked with the profile name in there selected and option as "Hold" selected (but looks like it is setting Temp perhaps. (Don't really understand all the icons)