Amazon Echo Dot Hybrid support will no longer work in Blue Iris


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May 19, 2014
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I sent the following e-mail message to Blue Iris support concerning Alexa no longer being able to control Blue Iris and cameras.

I used to be able to control Blue Iris 5 from my Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation device. Some time ago, about 1-2 months, it stopped working with Alexa. The following commands timed out from Alexa:

Alexa, Turn on Blue Iris
Alexa, Turn off Blue Iris
Alexa, Turn on Front Door
Alexa, Turn off Front Door
Alexa, set Front Door to 10% (Preset 1)
Alexa, set Front Door to 20% (Preset 2)
Alexa, set Front Door to 30% (Preset 3)

From my Alexa app, I proceeded to delete the Blue Iris devices registered by Alexa in Smart Home -> Devices. I then tried to re-detect them in Blue Iris Settings -> Mobile Devices -> "Connect to Amazon" and telling "Alexa to discover my devices". Alexa told me she couldn’t find any new devices. All my IP cameras have the "Amazon Echo Control" setting set to "Record". I have also tried "Select" and "Enable". I have tried running the "Remote Access Wizard" in Blue Iris 5, disabling Windows Defender, disabling Windows Firewall and made sure the Windows service called “UPnP Device Host” is running. Do you have any suggestions?

The following is a reply that I received today (Nov 15, 2019) from Blue Iris support on Amazon Echo Dot support in Blue Iris:

"Amazon is moving away from the "discover" model used for Alexa.
That being said, Alexa likely is no longer functional with Blue Iris, and should be removed from the software until a proper Alexa Skill app can be developed."

So, the bottom line is that you won't be able to control Blue Iris or your cameras from Alexa anymore. But it sounds like they might develop an Alexa skill app for Blue Iris sometime in the future.
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Nov 25, 2018
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Ok, thanks. It seemed what I wanted to do wasn't possible anyway. What I wanted to do was send a text script TO Alexa and it reads it out like I do with my smartthings. Ex. "Someone is approaching the front door". Oh well, let's see if I can figure something else out.