Another PoE extender option (passive)


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Oct 5, 2018
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I mentioned in the other thread about the USW-Flex from Ubiquity that I was testing another option for extending PoE. It consists of a combination of the following two devices:

PoE Texas - GPOE-1-AB With Y-cable
Gigabit single port PoE Injector
GPOE-1-AB With Y-cable


the US-8-60W (on the left):

The injector/extractor uses magnetic decoupling (high bandwidth transformers) to allow passive PoE power transmission on all 4 pairs (8 wires) with Gigabit speed.

I'm currently testing this with one of these injectors on one end with the original power supply of the US-80-6W feeding both DC power inputs of the injector. On the other end of the Ethernet cable is the same injector but now employed as an extractor powering the switch from the power of both DC output ports combined and also connecting the Ethernet data port. So far it's been working fine and it's connecting at 1Gbit.

I prefer the USW-Flex for my application because it's quite a bit smaller than these two devices combined (I want to mount this inside a wall behind a small access panel) and because it uses proper 802.3 standards to power the switch itself rather than passive PoE. But if you need more ports (not more PoE passthrough ports because this switch also only has 4) this might be another good option.
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