Any way to detect motion/trigger but only create an alert image list for 2 out of 3 zones?


Mar 7, 2018
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I'm on BI 5.X and have been working on adjusting and improving my BI setup.

I've been experimenting with Artificial intelligence which is pretty awesome but it seems that alert images need to be either ON for all zones or OFF.

I have a street facing camera configured for continuous recording and would like it to record and note motion for the street and public sidewalk but only send me alerts/emails when someone is on my property.

The way I currently have it configured it will only send me an email /flagged alert if It's triggered on one of my two property zones but I'll still get a ridiculously high count of alerts and images in the BI app.
is there a way to suppress the alert image or unreviewed images for the public zones while having BI note motion for the public zone and able to use Artificial Intelligence for the property-side zones? Perhaps there is a better way to go about what I'm after?