Anyone tie cellular data into their network?


Feb 19, 2020
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High Plains
Without anything fancy like a router that can connect to a cell tower?

I have been doing it with two old Linksys WRT54GL routers. I have DD-WRT loaded on them and I set the first one up as a repeater bridge.

Second one is just set up normally.

I turn a hotspot on one of my iOS devices. Then I turn the "router bridge" configured WRT54GL. Then I turn the router on.

This enables any device attached to the second router to use cellular internet.

My problem shows up when I want to supply a hotspot with a different device. After I have done the initial configuration on the "router bridge" WRT54GL and disconnected from it, I cannot re-connect to it by navigating to the IP address for it, even if I am plugged into a LAN port and all other network devices are off.

Is that normal behavior for a router bridge? The only way I can adjust any configurations on it is to hold the reset button until everything on that router resets to factory defaults and then configure it again.

Any suggestions?