Anyone use ai-homeguard software?


Jan 13, 2020
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In my quest for simple I ran across this software. UI is very basic but it supposedly has already “learned” motion detection for cars, people, trucks, birds, etc. so no tweaking needed like on BI.
Autodetects the cam, draw a tripwire on the image, and get emails/texts every time it is tripped. Saves video for a preset time before and after the trip. UI shows images of every time it tripped, then you just click on for video. No need to keep huge full day recordings around. Runs on Linux or Windows.

Just wondering if anyone used and if it’s worth trying? Obviously BI does much more but wondering about complexity of setup especially for tripwire.

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Mar 10, 2014
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I recently purchased ai-homegurad just to compare it to BI. Setting up a tripwire, they call them virtual lasers lines is simply using your mouse to draw a line on the camera image - very simple. The predetermined (learned) detection for people, cars etc has parameters which can be set similar to BI's Trigger-Motion sensor using Min Obj size and Min Contrast etc... The email alerts you will get are like: "a dog is leaving your Front Yard" and will include a image of the detected dog. Same for a person. So their AI functions does seem to work. My belief is that Homeguard is meant to be used with unattended alerts sent by audio or email and is not really meant to be used for Live Viewing. To set up the cams you enter in the RTSP cmd for each. The Monitor function allows you to see the alerts and also enable live streaming from the cams. The cam streams appear in individual windows which you can size and arrange on the desktop. The streams blank-out not sure if they are being triggered or just polled but it is quite annoying. Homeguard also only stores the detected portions of the image instead of the full event. This reduces the amount of disk storage which is used.
I run 10 cams and the homeguard cpu util is about 70% using an Intel i7-4770 @ 3.40GHz and 32gb mem (w10pro 64bit). By contrast BI running on a separate pc using a i7-4770K @ 3.50GHz and 24gb mem (w10 pro 64bit) uses only around 20% cpu.
Overall, I like Bi much better as it seems much more flexible which of course increases its complexity. AI-Homeguard is easier to setup but not as flexible. They also offer a Linux version which BI does not.
I hope that this helps. The homeguard win version can be gotten for $29 on Amazon vs BI's $58 via IPCAMTALK You can download the Demo version which only supports one camera if you just want to try it out. They also suggest using a NVIDIA GPU so you should factor in that cost as well.
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