Auto-Cycle Freeze


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Sep 11, 2018
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I'm having an interesting issue with auto-cycle. I have a group set up with 10 cameras, 2-up and the other 8 to the side. I have it set to 1-up on motion. Works great! However occasionally, and seemingly with more frequency now, it will go to 1-up, and when it returns, the 2-up/8 screen only shows up in the section where the 1-up camera had been. It's hard to explain so I attached a few screenshots. I thought maybe my machine was struggling with displaying 10 cameras so I switched to a group of only 4 cameras but it still occurred.

I'm not sure if this started after one of the last few updates as it had been working great for a while. The problem seemed to creep up with increasing frequency. Now if I set it to auto-cycle it seems to happen within the first few motion events - but then sometimes it doesnt :/

Running on an HP Elitedesk 800 G1
Intel i5-4950
16GB Ram
64-bit windows server 2012 R2

BI version

My Settings for my 10-camera group are: (checked)
  • Enable group webcast stream
  • Require/decode all camera frames when streaming
  • Show red borders around triggered cameras
  • Webcast audio
  • Auto-Cycle: all but manual mixing mode
Anyone experience this or have troubleshooting ideas? Figure I'd ask here before contacting support :)



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