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BI App Help Doc


IPCT Contributor
Is there a PDF Help doc available for the Blue Iris app? Thanks
Not to my knowledge, but if you have the time, you could do it and make it available to others! Here's how:
1) Open up the BI app on your phone and tap on "?" at bottom of server config page.
2) That will bring up 'Info' page.
3) Tap on 'Help".

BI_help1.jpg BI_help2.jpg BI_help3.jpg

Tap on the first help topic, copy the entire page, paste into notes or e-mail and send it to where you need to in order to copy & paste into your fav word processor; format it for good looks, give it a page title at top of each topic.

Do this for all 7 topics.

When ready, print to a single PDF file using Word, OpenOffice or even 'CutePDF' printer or similar PDF printer. Ta Da!

Feel like tackling it? :D