BI4 & Pushsafer working, but without screenshot (plus couple questions)


Dec 26, 2019
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The Netherlands
I use a Dahua DH-SD1A404XB-GNR camera with Blue Iris 4. Working 90% at the moment, the PTZ controles are not working but i will come to that in a different topic. Less important for now.
What is more important is getting my pushsafer to work.

When i look at the examples:

I see screenshots, that is the way i thought Pushsafer would work with screenshots. I have a pushsafer account, so i get the message at my phone now but no screenshot. How do i insert a screenshot? And i looks like i need to have the pushsafer app logged in at all time. Is that true? Doesn't the message reach my phone without the logged in app? Only getting a message "Someone at the door" doesn't really do it for me :p

I wouldn't mind using the push to the BI app but it takes about two minutes to reach my phone. Which is not acceptable.

Is there a way to make the BI motion sensor not respond to the exterior lightning (which is on a simple motion detector)? At the moment i get a push message when somebody is at the door (which is fine). But i also get one about 3 minutes later when the exterior lightning turns off (of course this is only a problem at night). I unchecked "Object Detection" and selected "Use Zones and hot spot". This was necessary to make sure the camera doesn't respond to people walking in front of the house. I already drew the exterior lightning outside of the motion zone.

What do the options under "Highlight" mean? Or better question, which option should i use in this situation?
(Do not highlight motion, Highlight motion, Show object rectangles and Highlight and rectangles)

EDIT: The push to BI app works fines when i change the WAN address to my local LAN address. But this is not reachable from outside the house, so i will have to setup NGINX. This is a better option than Stunnel, right?
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Jan 12, 2018
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Im a bit confused on why you need the PushSafer app because BI sends push alerts directly to your device and does it instantly. Delay time is under half a second for me.