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Hey Guys,

These days i watch here many guys asking for cheaper cameras and buying too many hacked models from ebay, this will make the system easy attacked and not stable.So i am thinking to get some cheap models for members here, because not everyone has good budget for fancy cameras.

I get 2 models for big discount from dahua. Each model 100pcs. All cams can be updated and original English firmware.

IPC-HDW1320S 3.6MM only 39.99USD/PCS
US $40.26 55% OFF|Aliexpress.com : Buy Lite models IPC HDW1320S 3MP IR Eyeball Network Camera PoE IPC HDW1320S , free shipping from Reliable Surveillance Cameras suppliers on BEC Technology Co.,Ltd


IPC-HDW4431E-AS, 3.6mm only, 4mp 69.99usd/pcs , can reference the specification here. the only difference for the IPC-HDW4431E-AS cam is plastic housing, others all the same.


All price are with standard shipping with 2-3 weeks shipping after ship out.
If any guy have project for church or welfare institution, i will make further discount and some donation.

Just contact me via email or PM, will not post online selling in USA, because will ruin the dahua selling channels, the price only for members here.

Thanks for all guys support here.
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Hi Andy, looking for some cheap solution for my weekend house, are there any options like the ones above right now? Any descent 4 mpix will do ;)


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IPC-HDW4431E-AS, 3.6mm only, 4mp 69.99usd/pcs
This is great news for anyone tempted to buy a chinese market camera. On the surface at least, this looks to me like it's the equivalent of the chinese market HDW4431C or HDW4433C, which can be had for $10 to $15 less on ebay. For that amount of extra money you get to do firmware upgrades, use it with a Dahua NVR, and know it's coming from a rock-solid seller. Looks like an easy "no brainer" to me! I'm using a bunch of plastic-cased dahua cameras and haven't had any case related problems, so from my experience, that's a non-issue. Also from my experience, the daylight image quality is in no way inferior to the 2MP starlights. The low light and night image is where the difference is.
Any upcoming deals Andy? I just bought a Reolink from Amazon Australia (before discovering this forum) to test. Looking to put up 5 cameras.


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I have a couple of places where I could use a camera, but which don't need to be top-of-the-line.

So if Andy gets another batch, I'd be in for three of these for my home system.

Example: I'd like to be able to see if one of our cats is curled up in one of her usual snoozing places in our garage. Not exactly a critical application, and doesn't require high resolution or great low-light image quality. But having it work and play well with my BI system is a must.

I suspect that a lot of us have some of these "convenience" camera locations that don't need "court evidence grade" imaging.

So I think Andy could get rid of another batch in short order if he can get them.