Blue Iris Tools, Results window not showing, my fix

Discussion in 'Blue Iris Tools' started by, Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. Young grasshopper

    Feb 28, 2017
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    Running BIT 1.1.4, and, BI x64.

    For some unknown reason, the 'Results' window started to refused to open immediately after upgrading BI from to The windows tab shows up in the toolbar.
    Actually, after BI restarted after the update, I noticed BIT was no longer running.

    I restarted twice without success. I also tried 'SHIFT'-RightClick & Move. But the cursor only went to the upper left corner of the screen! Figured it was a positioning issue?

    Here's how I got the 'Results' window to start showing again.
    - Shutdown BIT (Exit).
    - Go into the BIT install folder...
    - Backed up the 'settings.ini. file (just in case).
    - In the 'settings.ini' file, I deleted the lines in the 'LastResults' section.
    - Restarted BIT.
    - Clicked the 'Results' button, and, the Results window appeared.

    Either it was just a coincidence, or, this actually fix it!