Blueiris settings issue - cameragroups missing

Apr 29, 2014
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Running the x64 version with 50 camera's and 22 camera groups.
We noticed that we have issues with the camera group names.

In our setup certain users only have access to their 'own' set of camera's, while others only have access to another set of camera's (thus explaining the great number of camera groups (camera group list A)

We noticed that the dropdown list which controls which restricts the number of groups (limit to xxx group) a user can access has some cameragroups (grouplist B) that do no exist as cameragroup anymore.

Also there is a mismatch in the setup/dropdown list from tab 'trigger' in the camerasetup. The 'trigger camera group' dropdownlist (grouplist C) differs from the actual camera group list as well (but is in fact also different from.

So. It looks as if the registry entries of BI are damaged.
Since tuning all the 50 cameras took an lot of time, we are now seeking for a way to rebuild te blue iris settings in order for all camera group lists to reflect the same (Real) cameragroups that are actually present.

Anybody got an idea about how to do so?

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