Camera 01 (no permission)


Feb 28, 2019
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Redding, Ca.
When i open up the nvs7000 on my iPhone i can view all cameras but 1. The area for this 1 camera says
(no permission). Long story, but i hired in a local company to run network cables and a 8 camera lts camera system. All cameras worked but this 1 and it was sent in to lts for repair. Its said nothing is wrong and sent it back to the local company at which time this company reinstalled it. Turns out the cat6 connector was bad so it was replaced. This camera is powered by poe. i have been trying to get this company to adopt this camera for a year now with no luck, so i took it upon myself to do it. After reading a bunch and watching a few videos i was able to get it up and running on my dvr and iMac. I just do not understand how to give this camera permission to be viewed remotely from my iPhone. Any and all help much appreciated.