CCTV Hackers Websites.


Pulling my weight
Jul 2, 2019
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Surprising that this news coverage showed and a few other sites.
A similar segment aired on New Zealand evening news but they blurred out the website address/name.

I look on insecam consistently. During covid lock downs (2020) I have contacted them and shown them a screenshot. It gives people a fright, so take it carefully.

Crossing to advertising billboards, I have fun selecting one and trying to find it's location.
I've emailed many times to advertisement companies saying that their system is open, but many of them don't bother fully removing it. It's usually adding a password but allowing viewers without login.

There was also a project I cam across that aimed to tell people their system was open. I cannot remember the name but it has now stopped.
The project was a web scrawler finding these cameras and renaming the camera feeds, 'open to internet', 'change password' or similar. The project did link to their website; the comments were "why have you hacked my camera" on their discussion page. The owner put out a notice regarding the closure and stating 'people have decided my service is not of any use'.