Dahua NVR 4KS vs 4KS2?


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Jun 13, 2018
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I'm trying to narrow down an NVR, I want the dahua NVR-5208-8P-4KS2E but i'm finding variants without the E, and without the 8P. from what i can tell peeking in the dahua catalog, the 8P means 8 PoE ports and the E i'm assuming means ePoE but i'm not certain. furthermore on andys site it's over $300 for the 8p-4k2 (no E) while the E version straight from dahua is $259, what gives? Andy is out of pocket for almost another week, does anyone own either of these and can chime in? also, there's some version 4.0 firmware for these. also i'm aware these are HDD-less, are the WD Red's still finding their way into NVR's or are the purples still the way to fly? when i searched i found a post from 2016. I'd like a quiet drive since i'll be sitting close to the NVR. just trying to make sure i order all the right gear, thx.


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Jan 28, 2018
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For what it is worth:
  • not all (ebay) sellers mention the CORRECT type of any Dahua NVR. Even without the "8P" in the "title" you need to validate the specifications to see how many POE ports are available
  • yes, E stands for ePOE
  • 4KS vs 4KS2 --> new version, when I ordered, I couldn't even order the old one. Price settings are "market demand", so don't make your choice on an old stock price
  • noice: even if you would put in a RED, the fan of the NVR will make more noise than the disk itself. There are topics on how to change that inhouse fan into a less noisy one
  • you are looking for an 8 channel device, keep in mind that "more = merrier", the price difference for a 16 channel is marginal. I also had 7 cams back in the days, but Andy convinced me to do the little step up. It's good that I did, because now I'm stuck with more than 8 cams already ;-) Hobbies are expensive ;-)

Good luck!


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Jun 28, 2016
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Great info, I'd also add that non-PoE models have an external 'brick' type power supply and are quieter than PoE models which have an internal power supply like a computer.

I have an NVR5216-4KS2 purchased from Andy and I have replaced the 40mm internal fan with a Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM fan, this has made it nearly silent when running except for the small amount of hard drive noise. I had to drill the holes in the metal case slightly larger (1 size up on a stepper bit) to accomodate this fan, the stock fan is 10mm deep and this one is 20mm deep...I went with the deeper fan because there's plenty of room and it is quieter and moves a little more air than the equivalent 10mm. The fan that I put in was totally plug and play, did not need to replace the power connector. Oh and I'm using a WD Red drive because I had a spare one lying around, Red drives are just as good if not better than Purple drives for an NVR.
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