Dahua NVR - Live screen 1 camera goes black after a while...


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Aug 12, 2016
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I have 1 Dahua NVR4116HS-4KS2 and 1 IPC-HDW5231R-ZE camera, with the camera recording 24/7 on the NVR.

Every so often, we have nieces/cousin coming over, and since I had an old Xiaomi Yi Ant 720p IP camera laying around, we used that (with a custom firmware enabling RTSP) for viewing them if they're still sleeping.
Some time ago I managed to have the NVR show the live stream as well; so we could watch both camera's on the TV and with SmartPSS.

Now I noticed that the live view form the Yi camera goes black after some time (after I don't know; 15-20 minutes?). Not a disconnected problem or anything like that, just goes black.
If I do something with the NVR (say; just look at the menu for a second); the stream comes back, even though I didn't do anything else.

The live stream still shows up on SmartPSS and other apps like TinyCam on my smartphone.

Does anyone know why the screen goes black, and how I could resolve this problem?