Dahua or Hikvision system?


Aug 12, 2017
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I got offers from couple surveillance camera installers to install 6 cameras, cabling + NVR (whole system) inside biggish building to shoot entrances and hallways. Hallways are lighted with motion sensored LED lights. Videos are recorded only to NVR, which is secured in very secure place. No backups to cloud or anything like that.

So the offers we got are Dahua based and Hikvision based.

Dahua offer: IPC-HDBW1431E, NVR4208-8P-4

Hikvision offer: HWI-D640H-Z, HWN-2108H-8P

I was comparing video footages from here and here. Hikvision seems little sharper, but Dahua seems to be wider. Also Hikvision seems to have even too much contrast, which might be a problem if you lose details because of that. Hikvision has zoom, but we probably don't need that. Also I'm in doubt with the Hikvision NVR performance. Can it handle all those 6 cameras in the same time? Maybe it should be upgraded to NVR-216MH-C/16P or something?

Is the NVR software better in Dahua or Hikvision?

Hikvision offer is little cheaper than Dahua one. Would appreciate any thoughts to help me decide.


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Aug 3, 2015
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I've been completely satisfied with all my exterior Dahua turret cameras for several years. I have Hikvision cube cameras inside the house, and as for reliability, they're both excellent. The biggest differences come down to image quality, usability, and then price. I believe both Dahua and Hikvision are about the same for usability, but I cannot speak to the quality of their NVR hardware or firmware. I run Blue Iris on a PC at home instead.