Dahua VTH2621GW-WP IS there SD Card and Web Services ?


Feb 27, 2024
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Hi, I'm new on this forum that seems to be THE place to find info and help on IP cameras and doorbells.

I recently purchased a VTO2311R-WP with a VTH2621GW-WP to be used as video intercom and to open my gate.
I managed to configure everything and connect to my phone with DMSS and to my Home Assistant system (allowing me to enable/disable DMSS notifications on my phone depending on presence at home, that's really nice).

There is only one annoying thing with the VTH: there are only two ugly ring sound, and I can't find a way to add more.
The specifications of the VTH says
Storage: Micro SD Card, Max 64 GB (reserved for software)
but there is no visible slot for an SD card on the monitor. In the settings the SD card management says there is no card inserted in the slot but where IS the slot ?

On the VTO I can upload some audio files through the Web Service interface, but when trying to connect to the VTH web interface I get an error:
404 not found
Could someone please confirm wether there is an SD card somewhere (maybe hidden inside the casing) and if the VTH has a web interface to configure it remotely?

Thanks a lot for your help.