Dashcam - How do you not see a full-size pickup?


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Jul 31, 2018
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Unfortunately the driving test in the US is way way too easy to pass. I passed it first time, not once but twice. I passed my test in the UK at my 3rd attempt and spent 24 years driving there without ever having an accident that was my fault. I recall having 7 accidents in total.

I had 3 hit and runs against me (one was caught), one woman who was driving too fast to stop and rammed into the back of me at a red light and another guy coming off the freeway who piled into the back of me at a red light. I actually heard his brakes lockup maybe around 3 to 5 seconds before he hit me. I had another driver who ran into the back of me because I had to slam my brakes on due to an idiot coming the wrong way down a one way street that I was turning into. I had a guy hit the side of my car while parked up as I was waiting for my wife to return from shopping.

Within 5 months of moving to Canada I had a woman run into the back of me because it was snowing and she was driving like an arse. She threw a piece of paper out of her window with false details on it and drove off. I was going to an event at my daughter's school and when I pulled into the parking lot, guess who was there. That's right, it was this idiot. She drove over to where I was and then threatened to call the police because I was "harassing" her.

I escorted my family into the school and told the teachers to keep this nutcase away from them, while I called the police. This woman saw me and tried to approach me to sort things out and I made it clear in a really loud voice so that everyone around could hear me tell her to stay away from me. She started crying as she was talking to someone on the phone. When the cop was taking a report from me she was harassing me in front of him. I complained to the chief of police about the cop as he didn't stop her from harassing me.

I think it was a couple of days later that I was taking my daughter to school and I just happened to see this woman. She saw me and started laughing and waving at me while jumping up and down like an old over excited friend. The cop came to my house to give me the accident report and he explained to me that she was trying to play the lone woman feeling threatened victim. He said he could see that this was not the case. Anyway, I had the last laugh because when I checked her details against the police report she had given me a false driving licence number. I made sure that charges were laid against her for that stunt.

Finally there was the guy that tried to beat a red light, t-boned a car, sending the driver of that car to hospital. After hitting that car, he crossed 2 lanes onto the opposite side of the road hitting me head on. First thing he did when he got out of his car was get on his phone and he spent most of the 90 minutes I was there talking, on it. Unfortunately for me, I got another useless cop. I believe that this guy was using his phone while driving, but the cop couldn't be bothered to check. I had to go court because this piece of garbage refused to admit he'd blown through a red even though there were numerous witnesses. In court he pleaded guilty. They gave him a $130 fine and the judge asked how he'd like to pay. His response..."cash". What a complete and utter joke that was. They may as well have given him a $1 fine because he didn't even flinch when they said $130.
Sad Sad Sad, all the stories and your luck. Seems to me like your a magnet for the idiots. They all get a slap on the wrist and keep driving to ruin someone's day or life.